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Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CallManager)

Cisco CallManager Document Locator for Release 3.1(1)


Table Of Contents

Cisco CallManager Document Locator for Release 3.1(1)

Documentation Set

Additional Documentation

World Wide Web

Documentation CD-ROM

Ordering Documentation

Cisco CallManager Document Locator for Release 3.1(1)

Documentation Set

Table 1 lists the documentation shipped with Cisco CallManager and their URLs on www.cisco.com.

Table 1 Documentation Shipped with Product

Document Title and Description

Installing Cisco CallManager Release 3.1(1)

This document describes how to install and configure Cisco CallManager Release 3.1 on the Cisco Media Convergence Server, customer-provided Compaq DL320 and DL380 server, or customer-provided IBM xSeries 330 and 340 server.


Quick Start Guide for Cisco CallManager Release 3.1

This guide provides a road map for installing Cisco CallManager, installing and auto-registering Cisco IP Phones, and testing the phone-to-phone connection.


Rack-Mount Conversion Kit Installation

This document describes how to assemble and install the rack-mount conversion kit for Cisco MCS-7830 and MCS-7835 servers.


Software License Agreement

The Software License Agreement is a legally binding end user license agreement between Cisco CallManager customers and Cisco Systems, Inc.

This document is not available online.

Additional Documentation

Cisco CallManager ships with a small set of hard copy documentation. The hard copy, in-box documentation provides just enough information for installation and initial configuration. Table 2 lists additional documentation available in the following forms:

On the World Wide Web at www.cisco.com

On the Documentation CD-ROM that ships with Cisco CallManager

In hard copy

Table 2 Related Documentation

Document Title and Description
Part Number

Cisco CallManager Administration Guide

The Cisco CallManager Administration Guide provides step-by-step instructions for configuring, maintaining, and administering the Cisco CallManager voice over IP network.



Cisco CallManager System Guide

The Cisco CallManager System Guide provides descriptions of the Cisco CallManager system and its components, configuration checklists, and links to associated Cisco CallManager Administration Guide procedures.



Cisco CallManager Serviceability Administration Guide

This document describes how to configure alarms, traces, and other reporting for Cisco CallManager serviceability and remote serviceability.



Cisco WebAttendant User Guide, Release 3.1

This document provides reference and procedural information for using Cisco WebAttendant.



Release Notes for Cisco CallManager Release 3.1

This document lists and describes the system requirements, new features, changed information, documentation updates, and open caveats for Cisco CallManager release 3.1(1).



Upgrading Cisco CallManager Release 3.1(1)

This document describes how to upgrade your Cisco IP Telephony Applications Server via the web or CD-ROM.



Backing Up and Restoring Cisco CallManager, Release 3.1

This document describes how to back up Cisco CallManager data and restore the Cisco IP Telephony Applications Server and Cisco CallManager data.



Installing and Configuring the Cisco Customer Directory Configuration Plugin

This document describes how to install and configure Microsoft Active Directory Server or Netscape Directory Server on the Cisco CallManager server.



Personal Directory Configuration Guide

This document describes how to install, configure, and use the Cisco IP Phone Address Book Synchronizer and the Personal Directory services: Personal Address Book and Personal Fast Dials.



World Wide Web

You can access the most current Cisco documentation on the World Wide Web at the following sites:




Documentation CD-ROM

Cisco documentation and additional literature are available in a CD-ROM package, which ships with your product. The Documentation CD-ROM is updated monthly and may be more current than printed documentation. The CD-ROM package is available as a single unit or as an annual subscription.

Ordering Documentation

Cisco documentation is available in the following ways:

Registered Cisco Direct Customers can order Cisco Product documentation from the Networking Products MarketPlace:


Registered Cisco.com users can order the Documentation CD-ROM through the online Subscription Store:


Nonregistered Cisco.com users can order documentation through a local account representative by calling Cisco corporate headquarters (California, USA) at 408 526-7208 or, in North America, by calling 800 553-NETS(6387).

For additional information about ordering hard copy documentation, consult the Service and Support section in the Cisco Information Packet that shipped with this product.

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