Switches Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series

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Ready to Replace an Old Switch?

If you're looking for a new switch, consider the next-generation Catalyst 4500E with Supervisor 8-E. It enables converged wired-wireless access to support BYOD and mobility. It also offers a variety of performance, security, and operational enhancements versus previous generations of switches.

Deploy Unified Access with a Modular Access Switch

Accelerate business growth and improve efficiency. Cisco Catalyst 4500E Series Switches are the foundation for Cisco Enterprise Networks and the industry's most widely deployed modular platform for campus access and distribution deployments. Now with Supervisor 8-E, the Cisco Catalyst 4500E Switch helps enable the Cisco Unified Access solution with wired and wireless convergence.

Cut Costs, Boost Quality

See how medical technology provider Hill-Rom improves nursing care with the Catalyst 4500. (6:25 min)

    See how the Catalyst 4500E helps a 26-campus college provide network access. (3:20 min)

      Features and Capabilities

      Industry-Leading Modular Access Switch

      Cisco Catalyst 4500E Series Switches with Supervisor 8-E offer exceptional scalability and comprehensive features to meet current and future network demands. This unit:

      • Delivers up to 928 Gbps system bandwidth and nonblocking 48 Gbps per slot
      • Has eight nonblocking 10 Gigabit Ethernet uplinks with a field-programmable gate array to support next-generation protocols
      • Can scale up to 384 Gigabit copper ports, 200 Gigabit fiber ports, or 104 10-Gigabit ports in non-virtual switching system (VSS) mode
      • Offers 116 Universal Power of Ethernet (UPOE) (60 W), 240 PoE+ (30 W), and 384 PoE (15 W) with 9000 W power supply

      Converged Wired and Wireless Access

      Cisco Catalyst Supervisor 8-E extends wired features to wireless, including infrastructure, resiliency, quality of service (QoS), and scalability. One common set of network capabilities and context-aware intelligence work across wired and wireless networks. You also get:

      • A built-in wireless controller with a single software image for the wired and wireless infrastructure
      • Support for up to 20 Gbps wireless throughput, 50 access points, and 2000 wireless clients on single system
      • Support for up to 250 access points and 4000 clients in a multi-switch controllerless deployment
      • Networkwide application visibility and control, and consistent QoS and security, on both wired and wireless networks
      • Nonstop Forwarding with Stateful Switchover (NSF/SSO) extended to wireless traffic

      Distributed Intelligent Services

      The Cisco Catalyst 4500E delivers comprehensive intelligent services and features across wired and wireless networks, including:

      • Flexible NetFlow and Wireshark on all ports, which includes wireless attributes
      • Medianet capabilities to simplify video QoS, monitoring, and security
      • Automation for fast provisioning, diagnosis, and reporting
      • Exceptional resiliency with redundant components, NSF/SSO, Cisco In-Service Software Upgrade (ISSU), and VSS
      • Energy-Efficient Ethernet (EEE) and Cisco EnergyWise technology to manage networks, PoE+, and PCs

      Foundation for Cisco Open Network Environment

      The center of Supervisor 8-E is the new Unified Access Data Plan application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC). You can program this ASIC for next-generation features and intelligence to help protect your investment. You also get converged APIs across wired and wireless, which provides a foundation for software-defined networking (SDN) support and the Cisco One Platform Kit (OnePK) toolkit.

      Investment Protection and Reduced TCO

      Supervisor 8-E is compatible with all Cisco Catalyst 4500E chassis, line cards, and power supplies to help make full use of your investment. You also get:

      • Industry-leading investment protection with more than 10 years of backward compatibility for line cards
      • A software lifecycle of greater than three years with extended maintenance releases
      • Forward compatibility for new supervisors to easily deploy future innovations

      Specifications at a Glance

      Number of slots 3, 6, 7, and 10
      Bandwidth per slot 48 Gbps
      Maximum switching capacity 1.8 Tbps (VSS mode)
      Maximum wireless termination 20 Gb (hardware-ready)
      Maximum packets per second 500 million (VSS mode)
      10 GE port density 104 (8 uplinks ports + 96 line-card ports)
      1 GE port density Up to 384
      Redundant supervisor Yes (for 7- and 10-slot models)
      Virtualization Virtual Switching System (VSS)
      Cisco Universal Power over Ethernet (UPOE) (60 W) Yes
      PoE+ (30 W) Yes

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