At Lysaker we develop products that are focused on Telepresence technology and services. Products have crisp and crystal clear end-to-end video and collaboration, with the ultimate in video and audio quality.


The EX-series are the high-end personal telepresence endpoints delivered by Cisco. From a hardware perspective these endpoints consist of multiple Digital Signal Processors (DSPs), Field-programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and a Power PC, which in unison provide the processing power required to deliver high-quality audio and video. These pieces are selected and put together by our HW designers. The interaction between the hardware components is orchestrated by a main application that is responsible for setting up the video and audio stacks according to the usage scenarios of our users, such as point-to-point video conversations, multi-site conferencing, etc. From a developers perspective the maintenance of the operating system, video encoder and decoder, main application, etc. entails the use of a wide variety of technologies and standards. On a daily basis our developers work with low-level operating system optimizations, C++ and C programming at application level, implementation of signaling protocols such as SIP and H.323, video encoding with H.264 and H.265, graphical user interface programming with Qt and much more. Strict quality requirements extend beyond the software running on the endpoints and include usability, interaction design and a number of related tasks.



Cisco Jabber delivers the most powerful, flexible TelePresence and collaboration software for PC and Mac users



Cisco deliver the highest quality, flexible TelePresence and collaboration cameras available. From Plug-And-Play USB cameras to high end units with powerful optics and multiple video interfaces, everything from on-the-go use to the full in-person meeting room experience is covered. This requires expertise on lenses, image sensors, FPGA's, DSP's, image processing, noise filtering, video interfaces like HDMI, DisplayPort and SDI, low power noise-less motors, mechanics and industrial design. The result is reality captured and ready to be sent wherever you want.



The MX-series are the easiest way of turning a meeting room into a Telepresence room. It is similar to the EX-series, only a much larger screen and utilizes a touch screen tablet for user interaction. Focus is to keep the cost down for a Telepresence room solution without compromising on audio/video quality or user experience. This together with making the set up and use as easy as possible makes the threshold for entering the Telepresence world near non-existing. Did we mention all the design awards it has received?



Cisco deliver the most powerful, flexible TelePresence and collaboration engines available. Codecs serves immersive telepresence studios, boardrooms, auditoriums, conference rooms, team meeting rooms, executive offices, telemedicine applications and industry projects, in other words almost every scenario imagineable. The brains of the operation, it takes in up to 12 HD video and audio sources from all directions, together with up to 8 microphones, and distributes everything as needed. Think high performance FPGA's, multiple DSP's, advanced signal processing in HW and SW, translation across interfaces, and everything that is needed to support this, all in a sleak package. Our HW designers and SW developers get to work on the front line in Telepresence, implementing technology that is completely new to the world. You do everything as in EX-series, just bigger and better!