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Why Cisco for Retail

6 Reasons retailers choose Cisco

Retail is one of today’s fastest-changing industries. Working with retail leaders around the world, Cisco is helping to improve the customer experience, make workers more productive, and achieve outstanding revenues. New retail technologies are helping operators prepare to serve the next generation of customers, empowering interactions – and closing sales – with tomorrow’s increasingly mobile shopper.

Retail has been identified as the third-most likely industry to be disrupted by 2020 (Digital Vortex: How Disruption Is Redefining Industries, 2015)
42% of digital retail value lies in investing in enablement technologies (Cisco Customer Survey, January 2017)
Internet of Things devices in retail are set to reach 49.2 million by 2020 (Information Age, March 2017)
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Making customer experience work

Retailers gain access to a personalized network of data that helps them offer information that helps create outstanding experiences. By encouraging and rewarding audiences who opt in and share their data, stores can build upon each consumer’s platform of personal information to offer hyper-relevant, flexible interactions tailored to in-the-moment needs and behaviors.

  • “Today’s new level of connectivity and seamless integration of digital and analog provides the opportunity to be closer to the consumer than ever.”
    Eric Liedtke, Executive Board Member, Adidas
  • 89% have stopped doing business with at least one brand due to a poor customer experience.
    Customer Experience Impact Report (2011)
Helping workers be more productive

As personalizing the customer experience becomes ever more critical to the retail business, it is equally important to transform the workforce experience. Cisco’s retail tech allow associates to engage while avoiding the rising costs of building larger teams. Improving the workforce experience directly and positively impacts turnover, productivity, employee satisfaction, OpEx, and sales.

  • 76% of shoppers see good customer service as the truest test of how much a company values them.
    Aspect Consumer Experience (2015)
  • More than 50% of consumers believe that the amount of sales help they receive in stores today has declined.
    “Holiday Retail Survey,” Deloitte (2016)

Blending our team with your team

You want to better anticipate industry changes, integrate new technology, and accelerate your transformation. Our services teams have you covered. Securely.

Cisco Services helps customer teams worldwide design and maintain some of the most sophisticated platforms for digital retail. Our innovation and expertise help you bridge the talent gap and manage risk. Automation coupled with advanced analytics help deliver an excellent customer experience.

Enabling Ironclad security across the retail network

Retail faces more security risks than almost any other industry. Greater reliance on mobility, and greater reliance on sensor-based data gathering (the Internet of Things), increased customer expectations, and changing business goals have created new levels of vulnerability. Weak security can profoundly damage brand loyalty and critically affect your customers’ trust. However, Cisco helps retailers administer the network for maximum security, as well as manage damage to brand and store caused by breaches of customer data and intellectual property.

Only 52% of retailers think their security infrastructure is very up to date.

(Cisco Annual Cybersecurity Report 2017)

71% of retailers agree that cybersecurity risks and threats hinder innovation in their organization.

(Cisco Annual Cybersecurity Report 2017)
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Moving from omnichannel to unified commerce

Today’s omnichannel businesses are rapidly transforming into unified commerce, an approach that reaches across retail channels, all connected in real time. Cisco’s network helps find the information that provides a unique view of every customer – from payment systems and preferences to complaints and the responsive behavioral details that personalize store interactions.

35% of retailers are struggling to implement a strategy to give a single view of the customer.
(PWC Total Retail 2017)
Contactless payments will surpass $1 trillion by 2019, accounting for over 80% of payments.
(Juniper Research, 2017)
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Shifting to the cloud

The cloud is increasingly becoming the data management solution of choice for distributed store environments. Cisco’s cloud capabilities provide the ability to remotely interact with customers, manage production and the supply chain, as well as managing communications across the company, all more cheaply and efficiently.

  • Retail investment in cloud skyrocketed from $4 billion in 2011 to an estimated $15 billion in 2016
    “3 Ways Cloud Computing Is Revolutionizing the Retail Industry” Accenture, 2017
  • 53% of consumers surveyed wanted a totally personalized experience in exchange for sharing their data.
    “How Mobile, Retail and Consumer-Generated Content Drive Sales”
    Bazaarvoice, 2016