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Reimagine the Future of Education
Today’s changes and tomorrow’s uncertainties are redefining your
institution and how you work, teach, and learn.
According to EDUCAUSE community group members in the May 2020 QuickPolls survey, April 2020 UCPEA Research, and the HolonIQ March 2020 Global Education outlook series.
Digital Transformation
of colleges and universities say digital transformation is a way to reduce institutional costs.
Colleges and Universities
of colleges and universities plan to offer alternative credential programs in the future.
of education leaders expect significant disruption to the education market in the next
24 months.
The changes are large, fast, and numerous.
And, in many cases, they're here to stay.
Your institution is faced with:
Acceleration of existing trends

Such as:

  • Massive and overnight increases in remote teaching and distance learning
  • Increased security concerns
  • Growth in cloud services and applications
Human Resource
Appearance of new dynamics
Appearance of New Dynamic

Such as:

  • Prioritization of student and faculty safety and wellness
  • Re-examination of the role of the campus
  • Disruption of existing learning models
How do you successfully balance acceleration and disruption? What about risk and opportunity?
Achieve Resilience
Achieve Resilience

You’re reinventing education models in real time. You need flexible solutions designed and built for change at any scale across your institution. Cisco can transform how you connect your students, faculty, and staff, secure your institution, and automate your processes.

Cisco® Business Resiliency

Between reacting to change and reimagining education, there’s a bridge. Provide a flexible, productive, and trusted experience for your students, educators, and administrators.

Business Resiliency Solutions
Cisco Secure
  • Empower teaching and learning to occur anywhere
  • Optimize student and faculty experiences for engagement, cost, and security
  • Extend IT operations to the home
Cisco Trusted
  • Ensure student and faculty safety and wellness
  • Evolve to secure and seamless hybrid learning models
  • Expand operational consistency and flexibility across learning environments
Secure Remote Workforce
Flexible Remote AccessFlexible Remote Access
Secure Remote CollaborationSecure Remote Collaboration
Remote Contact Center
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Remote Expert Access
Optimized Application Experience
Foundational Capabilities
Additional capabilities
Trusted Workplace
Secure AccessSecure Access
Seamless CollaborationSeamless Collaboration
Remote Operations
Social Density
Proximity Reporting
Asset and Facility Monitoring
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