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Enabling technologies
PENN1 Lookbook

Learn about the components that make hybrid work, work, at PENN1.

Smart Workspaces

Workplace visualization tool, leveraging data sources across all technology platforms to help employees make better decisions within the work environment.

Networking elements

The Catalyst 9400 chassis provides connectivity for IT elements (video devices, wireless APs, IP phones, smart cameras, etc.).

The 90-watt UPOE+ Catalyst 9300 stackable switching platform is used to connect and power OT/smart building components (lighting, shading, thermostats, sensors, etc.).

Wi-Fi 6E-compliant wireless access points (APs) provide secure network connectivity for employees and guests.

Built-in temperature, humidity, and air quality (VoC) sensors provide additional data on environmental performance.

Cisco Catalyst 9300 Switch
Cisco Catalyst 9400 Switch
Cisco Catalyst 9136 Access Point

Smart cameras

High-definition indoor security cameras provide local storage of video and advanced object detection to support people counting.

Cisco Meraki MV12 Compact Dome Camera
Cisco Meraki MV32 360° Birdseye Camera

Digital signage

Appspace digital signage on LG 55” display

Simultaneous display of local office signage within the Webex app via the Appspace bot.

Room signage

Cisco Room Navigator
Wall Mounted Version

Bookable rooms

The Cisco Navigator—through its integration with O365, Exchange, and Google calendars—enables seamless room booking, calendar view, meeting information, and meeting extension with a few taps on the touch screen.

Ad hoc rooms

The Cisco Navigator uses an in-house-developed web app to change the display and LED light based on occupancy: green for available and red for occupied.

Smart building components

  • Low-voltage 90W PoE lighting (in employee zone), air quality/CO2, temperature, humidity, VOC
  • Intelligent automated shading platform
  • Intelligent PoE VAV controls for individual collaboration rooms
  • Luminaires
  • Low-voltage 90W PoE lighting (in customer zone), temperature, humidity
  • Individual heat pumps in customer zone meeting rooms, providing customized climate control and thermal comfort

Building system integration

Leveraging the open APIs available from the smart building systems, and the UI Extension feature within the Cisco devices, custom buttons are available on the Cisco Board Pros, Cisco Desk/Desk Pros, and Cisco Room Navigators to control lights and shades in the collaboration spaces.

These capabilities are also available via voice command in selected rooms using Webex Assistant (e.g., “Hey, Webex, tell the room to lower the shades”). The integrations leverage the openness of the smart building APIs and the Cisco devices, and do not require the use of any third-party control systems (Crestron, AMX, etc.). They are now available on GitHub for download and use.