Cisco Hybrid Work Solutions

Nobody makes hybrid work, work better

The world has changed forever. People are working in different ways and with new expectations.

  • Employees are demanding flexibility, with 64% saying the ability work from anywhere drives their decision to stay at a job.1

  • 98% of all meetings will have at least one remote participant.2

  • 96% of employees want to improve their work environments with intelligent workplace technology.3

  • 89% of IT leaders prioritize maintaining security, control, and governance across user devices, networks, clouds, and applications.4

  • 89% of companies have sustainability as a strategic initiative, yet only 19% have a plan.5

  • So, how do you move beyond just supporting to powering hybrid work?

Understand the demands of hybrid work.

Hybrid work is powered by the convergence of people, technology, and places. You’re being asked to:

Flexibly support your people’s strengths and preferred work styles, as well as business needs.

Empower your people to be engaged and productive anywhere with scalable, manageable, future-ready technology.

Reimagine all types of workspaces and connect people in new ways with safe, secure, supportive places to work.

But hybrid work is both different and harder than how we worked before. It's more:


Mission critical


With complexities and pressures on all sides.


of companies are frustrated with the complexity of integrating collaboration technologies from multiple vendors.


of large organizations are planning to reduce their office footprint.


of CIOs and IT decision makers predict that up to 50% of their IT budget will be spent maximizing their 2020 business resilience investments.

It’s time for a new approach.

One that lets you evolve traditional on-site and off-site work models for the era of hybrid work.

Cisco makes hybrid work, work better. With hybrid work experiences that connect everyone and everything and empower people to:

Work anywhere

Busy, noisy spaces used to be off-limits for collaborating. Public spaces? Off-limits for security reasons. In the field or a bakery? Off-limits. Not anymore. When your people are out and about, deliver Work Anywhere experiences that provide them with everything they need to securely perform at their best.

Work from home

Whether in a dedicated home office or at the kitchen table, your people need to work as productively and securely as in any corporate office. Deliver inclusive Work from Home experiences that are free from distractions and noise and match your people’s strengths and work styles.

Work in the office

The rules for what make a safe and effective workspace have changed. From creating inclusive collaborative experiences for all—whether in-office or anywhere. To helping ideas spark anywhere and anytime. Deliver Work in the Office experiences that find new ways to connect people and things and support worker health and well-being.

Our hybrid work solutions are:

Inclusive, offering equal experiences for everyone.

Flexible, adapting to any work style, role, environment.

Supportive, focusing on safety, empathy, and well-being.

Secure, being secure by design, private by default.

Managed, providing a modern infrastructure and frictionless administration.

With Cisco hybrid work solutions, turn hybrid work challenges into innovation opportunities to:

Attract and retain the best talent by surrounding individuals with intelligent technologies and intuitive collaboration to ensure a fulfilling, engaging experience.

Support increasingly digitized and sustainable business models while providing superior employee experiences tailored to every individual’s work style.

Enable security everywhere, so you can empower employees anywhere.

Extend visibility end-to-end to better manage and secure complex environments and applications.

Take advantage of all the rich data that your organization generates, leveraging it for new efficiencies, improved worker health and safety, and cost savings.

Power hybrid work across a wide variety of use cases.

From foundational use cases:

Secure access

Provide a secure and consistent work experience from anywhere.

Secure collaboration

Enable inclusive team engagement and productivity.

Enhanced visibiity

Provide real-time visibility distributed application, security, network, user, and service performance.

To advanced use cases:

Individual office spaces

Support more effective hotdesking, hoteling, and personal workstations for hybrid work.

Common spaces

Enable safe, intelligent, and engaging space utilization across buildings and shared common spaces.

Collaborative and meeting spaces

Optimize hybrid work experiences for meeting and huddle spaces in the office.

Home office

Enable enhanced experiences at home for workers with specialized functional requirements.

Contact center

Scale, secure and optimize contact center remote agent and supervisor capabilities.

Virtual desktop infrastructure

Provide a full desktop and application experience to users on any device, anywhere in the world.

Hybrid operations

Maintain operations using secure, policy-based remote connectivity into the operational domain.

Industrial asset and facility monitoring

Improve efficiencies and employee safety by monitoring indoor and outdoor industrial assets and facilities.

Sustainable facilities

Enable energy efficient, and managed environmental footprint.

Cisco makes hybrid work, work better. But what is better?

Don’t address hybrid work in isolation. Solve it as a team.

Employee productivity, customer experience, and security

Human Resources
Culture, inclusivity, and well-being

Space allocation, safety, sustainability, and efficiency

Business acceleration, new processes, and customer expectations

Enable flexibility today.
Ensure agility for the future.

Technology convergence
Address a wide variety of issues including productivity, networking, security, facilities, home office, manageability, and more

Multi-vendor support
Design solutions with the understanding that no single technology vendor can solve hybrid work alone

Expanded use cases
Support an ever-growing and ever-changing set of use cases as the future of work continues to evolve

Minimize risk and costs.
Reduce complexity.

Improve integration with fewer vendors

More complex facility dynamics
Optimize spaces for productivity, safety, employee density, and sustainability

Integrated operations
Implement meaningful integrations for unifying all security solutions

See hybrid work as an experience. Manage it end-to-end.

You can’t fix what you can’t see
Prioritize improved visibility and observability as critical to the future of hybrid work

Enhanced security and privacy
Support meetings that require end-to-end encryption

Multiplatform and multicloud
Implement a complete security stack to protect all end-points, all clouds, all networks, and all applications

Partner with someone who’s got your back. Unlock the power of our entire portfolio under one agreement.

Business agility
Accelerate business transformation with easier access to technology

Premium experience
Easily buy, consume and manage software licenses

Unmatched value
Maximize investments with access to exclusive benefit

With Cisco hybrid work solutions, you have the opportunity to:

Accelerate your real estate digital transformation.

Expand the talent pool and improve your ability to attract and retain top talent.

Improve the employee experience and productivity at home, in the office, and anywhere.