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Secure Access for the Hybrid Workplace

Moor Insights & Strategy: Secure Access for the Hybrid Workplace

Read an analyst paper on network infrastructure considerations for delivering an optimal mix of wired and wireless hardware, software, and software as a service (SaaS) for the hybrid workplace.

Today's changing environment underscores the need for a hybrid approach to network infrastructure. Organizations need an approach that supports scalable, reliable, and secure networking. IT professionals need to plan for the network to support new demands.

Questions now arise, such as:

  • It is time to upgrade to Wi-Fi 6?
  • Should 5G networking be integrated with the network?
  • Can we rely on automation?
  • Why are assurance and analytics integral for IT teams?
  • Which secure SD-WAN solution is the best fit for the network?

These questions and more are answered in Moor Insight's report. The paper explores key considerations for delivering secure access across hybrid work environments. It touches on Wi-Fi 6, 5G, wired infrastructure, security, automation, assurance, analytical tools, and SD-WAN.

Get your copy of the report by completing the form now, then see how to solve these network challenges with Cisco Networking.

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