Global Problem Solvers for Women

6 ways to be a global problem solver for women

We can all be global problem solvers, but we’re
most effective when the revolution is inclusive.
Here’s how you can create opportunities
for women in today’s digital economy.


Empower an entrepreneur

Small loans through organizations
like Opportunity International
and Kiva can empower female
entrepreneurs to create a better
future for themselves, their
communities, and the world.


Inspire the next generation

A little mentorship can go a
long way. Look for opportunities through organizations like Million Women Mentors to inspire girls and women to persist and succeed in
technology education and careers.


Encourage and embrace your peers

Connect with other women in tech,
discover new opportunities, or meet
career goals through the Anita Borg
Institute. Visit ABI.Local to find an
event near you.


Flex your digital muscles

Have an exciting idea and the
skills to code? There are plenty of
opportunities to build new apps, tools, or solutions that benefit
women around the world.


Volunteer and vault women to success

Organizations like We Teach Science and Citizen Schools understand that today’s young women are tomorrow’s global problem solvers. An hour or two of volunteering each week will help prepare them for future success.


Say yes to networking

Did you know 20% of Cisco
Networking Academy students worldwide are women? Join them
by enrolling in courses that cover
today’s hottest technology trends
like the Internet of Things and