Hybrid Work for Healthcare

Rethink the possibilities of healthcare and empower your clinicians and staff to deliver secure care anywhere.

The healthcare workforce is in crisis

With global staffing shortages, clinician burnout, and an alarming number of healthcare workers leaving the profession, it's time to rethink the work experience.

Hybrid Healthcare

Sit back and enjoy as our industry experts share the benefits of hybrid healthcare in this webinar series

Hybrid work improves clinician experience

Retain your workforce and decrease clinician burnout by enabling clinicians and staff to be productive in their preferred environment—inside a care facility, at home, or moving between locations. 

Hybrid work use cases

Digital front door

Deliver personalized, self-service digital experiences for patients, minimizing clinician burden.

Telehealth and virtual care

Integrate within existing clinical workflows, increasing adoption and improving schedule density.

Hybrid workforce

Ensure every care delivery site can power secure work experiences—regardless of location.

Smart hospitals and alternate care sites

Transform workspaces to meet the needs of a mobile care team and data-driven workflow.

Hybrid Work: Understand, Support, and Empower the Future Healthcare Workforce

Hear from IDC on how the pandemic has forced everyone to think differently about how healthcare is being delivered and how workforces are managed

Talk to hybrid healthcare specialist

Our healthcare experts are here to help you build the hybrid work solution that meets the needs of your employees, workspaces and technology stack.

Build a resilient and secure workforce

Prepare your organization for the future with a suite of flexible, supportive, and inclusive hybrid work tools. No matter where care is delivered, have the confidence that connections are secure.

Better patient experience

Hybrid healthcare system isn't just beneficial for your workforce. Self-service digital front door technology and access to virtual care when and where it's most convenient improve the patient experience, too.

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