As networks zig, know how to zag

Simplify, automate, and secure your network experience.

New trends are demanding a new kind of access network

The latest trends are compelling businesses to adjust on the fly. To optimize connected experiences, organizations need new access networking solutions that offer security, speed, and reliability.

More users and things, more threats, more applications

29 billion IoT devices by 2023

That’s nearly four connected devices per person. With so many users and connected devices, onboarding and securing will only become more difficult without policy-driven automation.¹

500 million new digital applications by 2023

That’s the same number created in the last 40 years. The way those applications are built and delivered is changing as businesses embrace multicloud strategies.²

500% increase in attacks since 2019

Work-from-home employees have become new targets. Visibility across your ecosystem has never been so critical for securing your sensitive data and applications.³ 

And a new status quo

About 46% of enterprises expect work-from-home policies to expand.

Most employees, 97%, want to feel safer when back in the office.5

By 2022, 75% of global organizations will be running containerized applications.6

All make managing networks a challenge

of network changes are performed manually.7

of operating expenses are on changes and troubleshooting.7

of policy violations are due to human error.7

Expect more from your access network

Meet Cisco Access Networking. At last, deliver the optimal end-user and IT experience through software-defined, AI-driven simplicity, automation, security, and shared visibility.

Reimagine connections

Create a pervasive and secure environment that is always on, so users can seamlessly roam, and devices are always connected without interruption.  


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Reinforce security

Ensure the protection of users, devices, and data with a continuous and comprehensive zero-trust access model. 

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Redefine the IT experience

Simplify operations through end-to-end visibility, automation, and advanced insights from AI and machine learning. 

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Your new network awaits

See how Cisco Access Networking can help you meet your changing demands.