Adelboden: World Digital Village and Co-working Space

Adelboden Tourist Center Opens Co-Working Location with Cisco Technologies

As part of its Country Digital Acceleration program for Switzerland, Cisco provides Cisco Webex Collaboration, Cisco Meraki Wireless and Security solutions, for the new MountainLAB in Adelboden

Cisco announced it has worked with the Adelboden Tourist Center to provide state-of-the-art communication technologies for the co-working space at the new MountainLAB. MountainLAB serves both visitors and locals, offering working and meeting areas.

MountainLAB Adelboden was developed in cooperation between Cisco, TALK AG (Adelboden-Lenk-Kandersteg Tourism), architecture and project management company gutundgut and local Internet provider Adelcom. In addition to individual workplaces with views of the Bernese Alps, innovative meeting and video conference rooms are available.

The project is part of Cisco's Country Digital Acceleration (CDA) program for Switzerland. “In the first phase of the Country Digital Acceleration program, we focused on digital skills and education, with initiatives such as the Cisco Cybersecurity Academy and our cooperation with digitalswitzerland. Now we go one step further: working with the Adelboden Tourist Center, we would like to show how digitization can positively impact local communities and create new services in tourism, a key sector of the Swiss economy,” said Christian Martin, general manager Cisco Switzerland.

Equipped with Cisco Webex

Cisco technologies help enable fast and secure data transmission and extend the co-working concept to meeting participants in other locations. "Webex Collaboration cuts distances - as if people were in the same room," adds Joel Curado. This is made possible by co-creation devices such as Cisco Webex Boards and video conferencing with Cisco Webex Meetings. Visitors can participate in virtual meetings, share content and presentations. In addition, they can use the whiteboarding features of the Webex Board, working on the same whiteboard or document in real time from multiple locations. Interaction with remote participants is quickly and easily established in HD quality. The secure wireless network serves multiple users.

Benefits for Adelboden

Co-working spaces have sprung up in recent months, especially in urban areas. “Modern, flexible forms of work are becoming increasingly popular for individuals and companies. More and more organizations want to offer employees greater freedom in how they organize their working hours, transforming the concept of “work-life balance”, into “work-life mix,” said Joel Curado, Country Digital Acceleration lead for Digital Village at Cisco Switzerland.

“MountainLAB keeps our region connected to the digital economy. Thanks to the cooperation with Cisco, we offer far more than a co-working area. Visitors and locals can use the latest, intuitive communication and collaboration technologies, and virtually meet colleagues and business partners from anywhere around the globe in HD,” Urs Pfenninger, director of TALK AG, added.

The MountainLAB project takes into account two important trends. Guests have more choice: they can combine work and leisure, stay longer and enjoy the many activities offered by the region. For locals, co-working creates an alternative to long commutes or moving to urban centers.

Following the successful launch of the MountainLAB in Adelboden, the concept may be extended to other regions in collaboration with local Tourist Centers and other public venues.

Availability and Services

MountainLAB Adelboden is open from June 29, 2019, each day between 8-18 hours. It provides flexible usage schemes including single day, weekly and monthly passes. For more details and pricing, please visit:

Details about the Cisco Webex solutions at MountainLAB:

- Cisco Webex Board: Cloud-based, cost-effective, easy-to-install, 70-inch, 4K resolution digital whiteboard with HD cameras, smart microphones and speakers, optimized for conferences. The Webex Board offers video conferencing, content sharing, presentation, and whiteboarding capabilities.

- Cisco Webex Room 55: for videoconferencing, as well as sharing content and presentations wired or wirelessly.

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Joel Curado,
Head of World Digital Village,
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