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Today’s Modern Data Centers need a new approach to security

Modern data centers need a new security approach

Be proactive in protecting your data center with complete visibility, multilayered segmentation, and threat protection that follow the workload everywhere

of the security team spends their time securing the data center

agree that the most challenging areas to defend is data in the public cloud

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Zero Trust Solution from Cisco

Security pros are still scrambling for new and effective ways to protect their networks and combat the impacts of hacking and exploitation. With Forrester’s Zero Trust Model of information security, you can develop robust prevention, detection, and incident response capabilities to protect your company’s vital digital business ecosystem. This report will help security pros understand the technologies best suited to empowering and extending their Zero Trust initiatives and will detail how Forrester sees this model and framework growing and evolving

Time for a new approach to securing your data, applications, and dynamic workloads

Cisco helps protect data, applications, and workloads to keep you more secure and your business more productive.


See everything, with complete visibility of users, devices, networks, applications, workloads, and processes.


Reduce the attack surface. Prevent attackers from moving laterally with granular control from the network to the individual application.

Threat protection

Stop the breach. Quickly detect, block, and respond to attacks before hackers can steal data or disrupt operations.

    Cisco Secure Data Center solutions for...

    Physical data center

    Safeguard legacy applications and your most business-critical data with complete visibility and control.

    Hybrid cloud

    Implement real-time policy enforcement and visibility that follow the workload everywhere.

    Private cloud

    Provide consistent, comprehensive security across virtual and physical resources.

    Public cloud

    Ensure privacy and confidentiality with greater application visibility and control.

    Learn how organizations are securing their data centers to enable their business transformation initiatives

    "With the geo-clustered configuration, the team was able to manage hundreds of applications all in-house, and easily share security policies."

    Simon Warren, Senior Networking Engineer, Victoria University of Wellington

    "Cisco IT takes a data-centric approach to protect its physical data centers and the virtual environment."

    "To help protect its customers’ hosted environments, Rackspace counts on Cisco firewalls."

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    Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI)

    The industry-leading SDN (software-defined networking) solution provides agility and automation.

    Firepower Next Generation Firewall

    Virtual and physical NGFWs offer leading breach detection and prevention, plus security automation.


    Stealthwatch brings scalable threat visibility and security analytics across the network and the cloud.


    Protect your hybrid cloud workload with application visibility and segmentation.


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