International Girls in ICT Day on April 22

Global figures show a startling economic disparity with women losing jobs at almost twice the rate of men and leaving 47 million more women and girls below the poverty line. That’s why we’re supporting International Girls in ICT Day on 22 April 2021.

International Girls in ICT Day is a global movement aimed at inspiring girls. Cisco is celebrating on 22 April 2021 to motivate girls and women to consider science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) subjects by;  

  • Exposing them to the opportunities Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) skills can bring to their future, including career pathways, career attainment and advancement.
  • Hear from 8 inspiring female role models in a variety of IT-related roles through virtual broadcasts taking place around the world.
  • Demonstrate how passion and technology combined can help learners embark on a hybrid career through Networking Academy courses.

Asia Pacific


Sadaf Monajemi
Co-Founder and Director


Sarah Mak
Co-Founder & CEO


A co-founder who helps doctors predict and prevent strokes using deep learning and computational modelling.

A co-founder and CEO of a SaaS platform for organisations to listen at scale through the power of crowd-sourced videos.


9:30 am New Delhi

12 noon Singapore

2 pm Sydney

Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Russia


Clementine Chambon
Co-founder and CTO

Hadeel Ayoub
Founder & CTO


A co-founder and grand prize winner of the Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge who developed a pay-as-you-go solar water irrigation system that enables smallholder farmers in India.

A founder who invented a smart glove that translates sign language.


11 am London

12 pm Paris

1 pm Johannesburg

3 pm Dubai

United States and Canada


Marita Cheng
Founder and CEO

Emily Kennedy
President and Co-Founder
Marinus Analytics


A founder and CEO who builds robots with telepresence that enable hospitalized children to attend school, people with disabilities to work remotely, and others to monitor and socialize with elderly people.

A co-founder who uses Artificial Intelligence to address social problems like human trafficking.


10 am Pacific

Latin America


Maria Laura Ruggiero
AR/VR Filmmaker


Maria Berruezo


A film maker who uses technology to create new ways of story telling.


A co-founder who created an app as a tool to provide evidence based and customized advice to breastfeeding women through Artificial Intelligence.


11 am Mexico

12 pm Chile

Anyone can code

See for yourself by joining us for a Facebook live event on Thursday, 15 April for an hour of fun.

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