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Rukna Mana Hai

We are living in unprecedented times and small businesses around the world are feeling the impact. The need of the hour is to adapt, be agile, productive and future-ready. From connectivity and security, to network management and server controls, IT as we know it, is changing, and to ride the wave, you need technology that can propel your transformation.

Cisco Designed is a curated portfolio of offerings for small businesses that lets you focus on your business while leaving the IT to us. 

We are offering you free online access to all sessions, deep-dives and discussions from Small Business Virtual Summit 2020 on future technologies and solutions that will help you disrupt the industry while navigating the new rules of the game, because when it comes to business, stopping is not an option! #RuknaManaHai.

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Watch all the virtual sessions from Small Business Virtual Summit for free by clicking on the session title below. 

Big opportunities for small businesses

Time Session Synopsis Speaker
Special Address by Hon’ble Minister, MSME, Govt. of India Indian Businesses have the strength and skill to grow further and power their journey towards self-reliance. Nitin Gadkari
Empowering small businesses for the “New Normal” The current scenario has opened up new avenues and opportunities for digitization and future-readiness: particularly for small businesses. With the right solutions, your business can seamlessly transition and adapt in current times, and the days to come. Sameer Garde talks about today’s opportunities for small businesses.
Sameer Garde

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Talking transformation

Time Session Synopsis Speaker
Panel Discussion In this session, our panel of leaders talk about digital transformation and business continuity in the current scenario. And solutions that can help small businesses disrupt, transform and transition into the new world order. Mahanthesha Kestur Adaviswamy
Divya Sethi
Gopal Pillai
Panish PK

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Curated offerings for small businesses

Time Session Synopsis Speaker
Cisco Designed Explore Cisco Designed, a curated portfolio of solutions for small businesses. It offers solutions for collaboration, network management, cloud and endpoint security, among others. Learn more about our fit-for-future solutions that are network, location and connectivity agnostic.
Anand Patil
Future of work Welcome to the future of work! The new world order has forced us to adapt to a new way of working. With solutions like Cisco Webex, you can connect with employees, customers and partners safely and securely. Explore more on Cisco collaboration offerings in this session.
Pankaj Agrawal
Vaibhav Pant
Security during challenging times In this session, explore how your business can become future-proof with secure solutions that can be scaled up and down, depending on market conditions and your own business growth. Manage your business on-the-go with centralized secure data access on customized virtual dashboards.  Madavane
Vishak Raman
Raghunandan Kaushik
Mohamed Asraf Ali

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Building business resilience

Time Session Synopsis Speaker
Navigating the crisis Future-proof your business with a business and financial contingency plan. Hear from the experts on how to achieve business resiliency, and manage finances during crisis situations, and learn how to scale-up as well as reduce investments. Atul Bansal
Udit Goyal (Moderator)
Way forward Vision and roadmap to tackling emerging challenges, and picking the right mix of solutions can help you tap new opportunities, and future-proof your business. Panish PK

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