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Cisco FY20 H2 Velocity Partner Program

African Adventure

MARCH 12, 2020 – JULY 24, 2020

African Adventure 2020

The most awaited, anticipated, aspirational partner incentive program, the Cisco Velocity Promotion program is back.

For 20 editions, this program that challenges and channelizes, ignites and inspires, renews commitment and rewards performance has occupied pride of place in partner organizations across India and SAARC. This time will be no different.

What began as an idea to spark awareness, visibility and sales of Cisco Products in the commercial market has grown in size, stature and expectation. With every successive and successful program, while partners have multiplied their efforts and ramped up their performance, the incentives have continued to exceed expectations.

This time’s adventure spread across 18 weeks between MARCH 12, 2020 – JULY 24, 2020 will see them battle it out for a place in a country that defies superlatives. South Africa, the cradle of civilization, the rainbow nation, often described and deservedly so as the most beautiful country in the world.

A mosaic of cultures and cuisines, contrasting landscapes and abundant wildlife explain South Africa’s popularity as an unparalleled country but it’s the centuries of survival despite struggle, courage in the face of adversity and the belief in the power of people to bring about transformation that define its character. It is just this resilience and inability to settle fornothing less than one deserves that makes it the ideal country to host the Cisco Velocity Program.

This is a call to the brave and the bold, the driven and the determined to leap at opportunity, rise to the top, blaze a trail and lead the way. This is where the adventure begins.

PROGRAM DURATION: MARCH 12, 2020 – JULY 24, 2020