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Cisco Ideathon 2020

Between dreams and reality, there is a bridge.

About Ideathon

The 21st century belongs to technology. Innovations and new ideas continue to address solutions that shape the future. The Cisco Ideathon is an opportunity for students with potential and creativity to be a part of Cisco’s technological innovations. It presents a competitive model to showcase original thinking and problem-solving aptitude using technologies like 5G, Internet of Things, networking infrastructure and collaboration to address global issues related to education, healthcare, water conservation, environment and sustainability. The program enables qualifiers of Ideathon to get an internship with full-time placement opportunities.

Contest Journey

Ensure your Registration
24th – 30th August 2020

Preliminary Online Quiz
7th September 2020
CCNA basic level programming knowledge
Duration: 30mins

Video Submission
14th September 2020
Research & Solutioning
Duration: 90 seconds

Competency Assessment Test
19th September 2020
General Aptitude
Duration: 60 minutes

Written Test and Interview
12th October 2020 onwards

Contest Details

Through the competitive process, the Cisco Ideathon ensures only the strongest project ideas that are adequately researched, well-thought through and rationally presented with supporting data-points, are selected. Sources and references taken must be acknowledged and listed.

How to Participate

Please ensure you fill the registration form on time. Incorrect or missing information can invalidate eligibility. 

Eligibility Criteria

Excellent opportunity for Cisco Networking Academy students in the final year. Click on the link below for details.

Judging Criteria

Push your boundaries. Click on the link below for details.


Cisco has the sole discretion to accept or reject any entry. Click on the link below for details

Thought Leadership

The Technology Landscape

The Future Workforce

Success Stories 2019

Where Enterprise Meets Innovation

Customer Experience

Every complexity has a simplification.

Collaborate with Cisco Customer Experience to maximize your technology investments. Support from our global expertise in managing millions of devices, guidance from insights on automation derived from AI / ML data, and operational management of your IT environment, will accelerate your path to success.

Networking Academy

Technology combined with education is unstoppable.

What started from a single school is now a pipeline of technical talent who are shaping communities and economies around the world with their transformative skills in the digital world. With over 10.9 million students already, Networking Academy educates talented futurists and let their genius shine!

University Recruiting

Hands-on experience wins hands down!

Cisco is one of the world’s best companies to work for. Our internships and new graduate program provide opportunities to build skills and gain relevant experience in technical and non-technical fields. Find a program that works best for you and launch your future!


Knowledge Centre

The Program Journey

How to Submit Video Assignments

Watch the Webinar

Technology makes it possible

Trends such as globalization, digital transformation, business automation and resilience, and sustainability are shaping the requirements for a new kind of network. The evolving technology landscape—emerging cloud-native models, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence (AI), mobile, cybersecurity threats, and immersive applications—are dramatically impacting IT networking architectures and operations. New networks are using emerging technologies such as AI, machine learning, and automation to simplify and secure operations, enable rapid adaptability, and augment human decision making.


72% of network strategists project will be using AI-enabled predictive insights or prescriptive remediation for operations, service delivery, and network assurance within the next two years.


60% of enterprises will consider networking as core to their digital strategies, up from less than 20% today, estimating networking as a strategic enabler (Gartner) by 2023.


25% of IT leaders believe automation will have the biggest impact on networking over the next five years.

Source: 2020 Global Networking Trends Report

Inspiration Centre

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How do I register for the program?
    The registration link is available as a QR code, at the bottom of the e-posters, sent through your respective Cisco Networking Academy affiliated colleges.
  2. What documents should I get to register for Cisco Ideathon?
    Documentary evidence of the eligibility criteria is all that is required.
  3. Is there a minimum CGPA cut-off?
    A CGPA of 7 and above in the last highest degree obtained.
  4. Do I need to register as part of college, or can I register as an individual?
    Please register as individuals only.
  5. How long will Cisco Ideathon challenge take?
    The Challenge is broken down into 3 phases, the first phase will be Multiple Choice Question quiz which will be for a duration of 30 mins. The second phase will run for 4-5 days where you will be required to create a 90-sec innovative video on the given topic. Finally, on the last day of challenge, you will be required to attempt another set of competency-based test. The entire program will run from 24th August 2020 to end October 2020.
  6. Will the results of the Cisco Ideathon affect any future chances of applying to Cisco? Can I still take part in a different hiring process by Cisco?
    Regardless of the outcome, all applicants can apply to any other open positions (current or future) at Cisco.

Quiz & Submission Details

  1. What are the topics required to prepare and study for this contest?
    The challenge content is mainly based on CCNA level questions. There will also be an open book test on the latest Industry technology advancements that will be in the form of a video recording submission. You may come prepared accordingly.
  2. What Desktop configuration and accessories are required for the online challenge?
    • Desktop or laptop with Internet connectivity.
    • Web-proctoring will be enabled all the time during the contest. If the students move out of the window, the test will auto-submit, and you can potentially lose your opportunity.
  3. Can I use my phone for attempting the test?
    The test needs to be attempted only from a desktop or laptop.
  4. What will happen if my desktop breaks down during testing?
    Restart the test where the test was stopped within 20mins.
  5. If my desktop breaks down during testing, can I attempt the test later?
    Yes, there will be an opportunity to reattempt the test in case of an irrecoverable equipment breakdown. This will need to be genuine circumstances that are validated by our testing platform and your college coordinator.
  6. Can I use my phone for recording the video in Round 2?
    Yes, your personal smartphone can be used for video recording.
  7. Whom do I contact in case of any issues on the day of the event?
    Call the support number displayed on the screen.


  1. Is this contest for internship only or is it full-time placement as well?
    All selected candidates will be offered 6-months internship at Cisco and will be eligible for a full-time job offer at Cisco. The job offer requires fulfilling various performance criteria that will be set out in the internship offer.
  2. Can you give me an idea of the kind of job I am applying for with this test?
    You will be competing for an internship as part of this program and your internship and the subsequent offer will be in the Customer Experience, IT, and Engineering, business units of Cisco.
  3. Do I need to have coding skills for this?
    Coding is an essential part of networking engineer’s skill set and will be a plus. However, coding is not required to attempt the Ideathon.
  4. What sort of salary are we looking at? What are the perks of joining?
    The compensation and benefits at Cisco are highly competitive. The details will be made available to you at the time of Internship and job offer.
  5. What will my job location be if I get offered a role in Cisco?
    Internship positions are based out of Bangalore; however full time offers may be in specific cases.

For further queries please reach out to us at: support_cisco_ideathon@cisco.com