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With an increasing number of devices connected to the Internet and an ever-increasing threat to cyber security, it's important to have a secure and robust network.

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Encrypted traffic will increase within the next few years and Gartner predicts that by 2019, 80% of all traffic will be encrypted.  Many businesses don’t have a solution to detect malicious content in encrypted traffic without decryption. 


Discover the advantages of On-Prem and Cloud Managed Networking Solutions with their comprehensive built in Security features to accelerate your digital journey in a scalable and secure way.  


Introducing an entirely new era of Networking with Søren Dulong Andreasen

The world of Digital Business is moving at the speed of software. So what about your network? In this software driven world, you need a network that is constantly adapting and responding to the demands of limited IT staff and budgets.


Network as a sensor and enforcer - Using Your Cisco Network as a Security tool

By 2020 as many as 15 Billion devices will be connected to our networks. IoT creates opportunities, but as more devices become connected, more threath vedors are created. Cloud, managed solutions and other third party services get connected to your network. Can you trust these suppliers?


Meraki. Introduction to Cloud Networking

Managing multi-site, million-user deployments or even smaller, single-site deployments can be challenging, but the Cisco Meraki solution makes it simple. Our complete portfolio of cloud-managed access points, switches, security appliances, and mobile device management provides you with high-performance and manageability at a fraction of the cost and complexity of traditional solutions.



Meraki - Intro to cloud-managed IT

Join us for an introduction of Cisco Meraki’s cloud managed networking products, including wireless access points, security appliances, and switches. You'll learn how cloud networking offers greater reliability, easier management, and a lower TCO - and we'll show you a live demo of the exciting features in the Cisco Meraki dashboard.


Cisco Spark - Changing the way we work

With the evolution of virtual meetings, your teams are working on multiple devices, from multiple locations. How do you get everyone and everything to come together? Cisco Spark allows you to create, share and get things done in one space. It connects physical and virtual workspaces. It’s the space where people exchange ideas, unite and get things done. Together.

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Data Center


The new era of networking pioneered by Cisco is driving innovation across our entire portfolio – and specifically in the way we manage the data center.


Today’s digital disruptors deliver apps in the cloud. This cloud native model is one that many organizations are looking to follow.

Webinars: Security


What a Next Generation Firewall should be

Today's threat landscape becomes ever-more dynamic. Traditional approaches to security aren't working anymore.


Le Ransomware. La protection avant, pendant et après une

Le 'Ransomware', ou prise d'otage, a le potentiel de chiffrer (crypter) notre bien le plus précieux – nos données. Les Cyber criminels ont récolté plus de $200 millions


Email is today's #1 Threat Vector. Are you secure?

Today's workers demand to be connected from anywhere, on any device, at any time. Today's threat landscape becomes ever-more...

Webinars: Collaboration


Collaboration. Des solutions qui transforment les modes de travail

Nos outils de collaboration, parce qu'ils s'adaptent à vos besoins, peuvent vous permettre de développer les projets qui rendront votre entreprise plus flexible et plus


Cisco Spark : Une nouvelle méthode de travail

La communication ne se résume pas à envoyer un message ou passer un coup de téléphone à des collègues ou à des partenaires. Vous devez avoir les moyens d'envoyer un message, d'organiser une réunion ou de passer un appel instantanément dans des conditions permettant de renforcer les relations et d'augmenter la productivité.

Webinars: Other


Hier, vous achetiez les serveurs, le stockage et la mise en réseau séparément. L'intégration se faisait à part et demandait du travail supplémentaire.


Spread costs of all Cisco solutions over 3 years at 0% interest

Benefit sooner from Cisco cutting-edge technology and pay for it in predictable monthly payments with easylease 0% financing. 

  • Combine hardware, software, services and third-party equipment on one contract
  • No upfront payment  
  • Easy to calculate: simply take the total price of your solution and divide it by 36. 
  • Release funds to reinvest in other business priorities 
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Instantly transform your customer experience, business operations and staff experience with tech that makes money, saves money and keeps your business out of trouble.

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