Breach Defence

Protecting what’s now and what’s next, Sean Earhard, Advanced Threat Solutions Specialist

In this webinar, we offer a deep dive into Cisco Threat Response, with lots of real-life scenarios and technology demos for you to experience security integration in action. (Watch trailer)



What’s covered in this webinar:

  • Responding to breaches: are you soon to be headline or soon to be promoted?
  • Browser plug-in: how to gather observables from various security products and websites with the click of a button
  • How Cisco solutions work together in breach defence, including: Cisco Umbrella,
  • Email Security, AMP for Endpoints, ThreatGrid, Duo, Stealthwatch
  • Demo: Cisco Threat Response – see security integration in action. Investigate how a threat got in, where it has been and remediate it quickly.

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