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Why Buy from the Cisco Authorised Channel? Please read more how to safely procure Cisco products.

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The importance of integrity

Unauthorized resellers and counterfeiters take advantage of Cisco's name, often at the expense of the end user.

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      Where you purchase your Cisco equipment matters more than you think

      Equipment purchased through Cisco Authorised Channel Partners, whether new Cisco equipment or Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment, entitles you - our customer - to Cisco service support, upgrades, replacement guarantees, a valid software license, and a full warranty.

      Have you considered purchasing Cisco products from sources that are not Cisco Authorised Channel Partner?

      We understand, it is tempting to buy technology at very low prices. But the potential costs that go with the risk of receiving substandard products are simply not worth it. Products may be counterfeit or stolen and may not be eligible for Cisco license, warranty or support.

      Cisco product which is purchased from a company that is not Cisco Authorised Partner, i.e. a non-authorised reseller, is considered an unauthorised Cisco product. If you choose to purchase Cisco products from a non-authorised reseller you are taking the following risks:

      • Cisco cannot guarantee the quality and performance of unauthorised Cisco products.
      • You may be supplied with a counterfeit Cisco product. Counterfeit products are not only illegal but they also may cause serious damage to your and/your customers’ company network. You may not be automatically eligible for Cisco support,
      • You may not have a valid software license or a full Cisco warranty.

      Cisco Channel Partners are under a contractual obligation to purchase Cisco products from Cisco or another Cisco Partner. Cisco Partners that purchase Cisco products from non-authorised resellers violate their contractual obligation and may be subject to audits and/or Cisco may terminate their resale agreement.

      Counterfeit Products

      Counterfeit products can be hardware, software, or documentation where Cisco’s logo and/or other intellectual property have been used without Cisco’s consent.

      Purchasing Cisco products from a company that is not Cisco Authorised Channel Partner puts customer at risk. The purchase of counterfeit products breaches Cisco intellectual property rights and is therefore illegal. Counterfeit products may also cause serious damage to your and/or your customers’ network and business.

      • Counterfeit products often contain components that have been tampered with and illegal software. As such, counterfeit products’ quality and performance is often inferior in comparison to genuine products.
      • Counterfeit products are often sold at much lower price than genuine Cisco products.

      Third-Party Components

      Third-party components are typically memory, cables, or gigabit interface converters manufactured by a company other than Cisco and without Cisco’s consent. They are illegal if they display counterfeit Cisco labeling or trademarks.

      The use of unauthorised third-party components, such as software or interface cards, could affect the quality and the performance of the product that customers receive. Cisco may withhold warranty support if such components cause system failures.

      • Licensing. Cisco sells its products with end user licenses that permit the end user of the product to use the software Cisco provides, for example Cisco IOS contained on a Cisco router or switch. If your company purchases Cisco products from a non-authorised reseller, you may not have a valid software license, in which case, you may need to purchase a new software license.

        To learn more on Cisco licensing please click here

      • Warranties. Cisco products are sold with express end user warranties. These express warranties are personal to the first end user who uses the equipment, and may not be transferred to any subsequent user of Cisco equipment unless specifically authorised by Cisco. Cisco is not obliged to provide warranty support for any equipment which you purchase from an unauthorised reseller. This does not affect any warranty Cisco is required to provide by law.

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      • Support Plans. Cisco makes available Cisco support plans, such as Cisco SmartNet, for its products. If you purchase a Cisco product from a non-authorised reseller, then before that product is eligible for support under SmartNet or other Cisco technical services offerings, Cisco may require an inspection. The inspection is provided for a fee. Under certain circumstances, Cisco may also require you to purchase a software license before permitting you to receive technical support for that product. Any rights under Cisco support plans are personal to the end user purchasing support, and may not be transferred with the product.

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