The Experts Weigh In on Video

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When choosing a video vendor, first consider what the analysts are saying. Get access to vendor evaluations and buying insights from Gartner, Forrester, and IDC.

Create a Strategy for Video

Personal and mobile video options join room-based video conferencing systems to reshape group video use in business. In this report, learn more about shifts in the video market and ways to think about building your video portfolio. Plus, see Gartner's evaluations of seven group video system vendors.


Select the Right Video Conferencing Solution

In this report, Forrester shares its evaluation of 10 video conferencing infrastructure and cloud services vendors using 24 criteria. Use the detailed analysis to choose what's best for your company.


Get Advice for Buying Video Systems

IDC recently profiled 11 global enterprise video conferencing equipment providers. This excerpt features the analyst firm's advice for video system buyers, its assessment of the market, and its evaluation of Cisco's video solutions.


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