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A more productive, production line.

Get results like never before by giving factory employees the tools to perform their best.

The new expectation? Perfection.

Personalized products. Next-day delivery. Customers have high demands of today’s manufacturers. Networked technology can help you get ahead.

  • A 16% average increase in Original Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

  • A 48% average decrease in unplanned factory downtime.

  • A 49% average decrease in manufacturing defect rate.

Downtime. Defects. Convergence.

We know what keeps you up at night.

No one said it would be easy

Whether it’s network convergence, downtime, or product defects, all factory leaders face these business challenges.

Unlock your factory’s digital potential

Operations and IT can be a powerful alliance. Discover how in this free whitepaper.

Why Cisco for Manufacturing?

We’re more than an IT company. Find out why top manufacturers trust us in their factory environments.

I want to…

Secure everything

Protect data across your industrial network and control systems.

Reduce downtime

Improve production quality while decreasing unplanned downtime.

Make data work for me

Discover the keys to better equipment utilization and efficiency.