Between sustaining your culture and sharing it with the world, there’s a bridge.

Connected North delivers interactive education and mental health and wellness services through Cisco Webex in remote Indigenous communities.

Connected North

Transforming lives through technology

Connected North’s first kindred connection was with one Iqaluit school in 2013. After expanding to 8 more schools, we migrated program leadership and daily operations to the registered charity TakingITGlobal in 2016. Since then, it has flourished into a leading edge program that now serves 109 Indigenous partner schools across Canada.

Connected North @ Home

Learning from anywhere is possible with Cisco Webex. Connected North@Home serves students who are affected by COVID-19 school closures. Free, on-demand learning experiences for students to connect with museums, zoos, artists, storytellers and other amazing organizations are just a click away.

Impact Map

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27 TelePresence enabled sites and growing

Connected North enhances education in 4 ways…

Connecting students with experts, virtual field trips and educational institutions

Bridging students with First Nations, Metis, Inuit and non -Indigenous role models to inspire future pathways

Delivering preventative mental health and wellness programming

Driving professional learning, development, co-teaching and mentorship for educators

…to engage Indigenous youth and spark greater results

Indigenous youth in Canada graduate high school at approximately half the rate of their non -Indigenous peers (First Nations at 57%, and Inuit at 40%) due to the harmful legacy of the residential school system, according to Statistics Canada. Connected North bridges these Northern communities with possibilities.


We serve over 21,000 students


We’re in 109 schools


To date, more than 2300+ sessions have been completed


79% of students said Connected North sessions made science more enjoyable *York University


95% of educators surveyed reported that Connected North was beneficial for their students *Guelph University


81% of students thought they learned more in a Connected North TelePresence science class compared to a non-Telepresence science class *York University

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Waukomaun Pawis

Indigenous Program Coordinator for the Connected North (CN) program at TakingITGlobal 

Willa Black

Vice President of Corporate Affairs at Cisco Canada

Chef Wolfman

Culinary Arts professor at George Brown College, Indigenous cuisine chef, and author

Parr Josephee

Mentor in the Cape Dorset community for students using video sessions with Connected North

Michelle Williams

Virtual Systems Engineer (VSE) at Cisco

I now imagine all the possibilities for our students to share their local Ojibwe language and culture; to learn with the world, instead of just learning about it; and to create students that are aware of, and comfortable with, interaction with peers across the province, the country, and the world.

Barbe Dennis, Principal, Mine Centre School

Support Connected North

A $200 donation funds one 45-minute live session with an expert guest speaker or Indigenous Role model for classrooms in Northern communities.

Bridge to Possible

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