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Why Cisco for Manufacturing?

Selecting the right technology partner is important for businesses in every industry. Read the top 6 reasons manufacturers turn to Cisco below, then learn more in our interactive infographic.

1. We’re a trusted leader in industrial networking.

According to IDC, 75 percent of large manufacturers will update operations with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and analytics by 2019. With this widespread adoption of IIoT, the need for a best-in-class networking foundation is greater than ever before. Learn more.

2. We know the unique challenges of industrial wireless – and can solve them.

If you do it right, a Wi-Fi network on the factory floor can help you reduce operational costs, enable factory mobility, and make crucial real-time decisions. Learn more.

3. Ironclad security is built into everything we develop.

Manufacturers have always been a rich target for cyberattacks, given the expanded attack surface across plants and operations. Cisco is the leader in industrial security. Learn more.

4. We understand IT and OT (and their convergence).

IT and OT convergence is transforming manufacturing in ways neither function could have imagined. Learn more.

5. We’ll partner with you to solve problems holistically.

Cisco Services offers manufacturers a premier consulting and technical support ecosystem that can help you more quickly realize the value of your technology investments. Learn more.

6. You can leverage our ecosystem of industrial partners.

We work closely with software providers, systems integrators, and industry technology vendors. Learn more.

When positioning your factory for the digital future, you need a comprehensive and trusted architecture. We can help.