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Deliver Digital Personal Experiences      

Cisco Workforce Productivity for Retail


  • Empower employees with real-time information about their customers to support sales and enrich the customer experience
  • Enable omnichannel service with instant access to loyalty program information and customer history
  • Enrich employee knowledge with video and chat access to virtual experts
  • Predict optimal staffing needs based on zone-level traffic and demand patterns
  • Deliver training when and how employees need it, with on- demand video and collaboration

Enabling a Customer-First Workforce

In today’s customer-driven retail environment, one of the most overlooked ways to deepen those relationships is through knowledgeable employees. A truly frictionless service experience requires employees who are empowered with the information they need to provide truly personal attention. Sadly, more than 50% of consumers believe that the amount of sales help they receive in stores today has declined. (Deloitte, 2016

By arming employees with continuous digital access to relevant information, retailers can:

  • Align workforce skills and behaviors with customer preferences
  • Identify innovative ways of improving how employees deliver exceptional servic
  • Use predictive analytics to align traffic and demand history with staffing levels
  • Tap into omnichannel customer behavior information to enrich an employee’s connection with each customer
  • Increase time available with customers by automating operational and administrative processes

Retailers who unlock these capabilities will build significantly more customer loyalty than those who react solely to transactional history. By giving employees on-floor access to relevant information, retailers provide their customers with a truly differentiated shopping experience.

Empower Employees with the Right Information and Tools

Real-time, on-floor access to information is vital to enabling employees to provide exceptional customer service. When employees have access to product information as well as to both transactional and loyalty information about the customer, they are uniquely able to deliver a differentiated experience to each shopper

Virtualize Expertise, Service, and Support

When customers want more in-depth product information, employees need to be able to turn virtual experts to obtain timely and relevant assistance, including employees in another location. These interactions further deepen the in-store experience for each shopper and help increase sales.

Digitize and Automate Workflow and Processes

Scheduling and labor planning tools are far more effective when enriched with store- or zone-level traffic information. Additionally, employee productivity and morale are improved when on-demand training is available for onboarding or for product and promotional launches

Digital transformation strategies aimed at enabling your workforce are critical to delivering on your overall brand promise, exceptional customer experiences, and increased sales.

"We have many different ways that customers can engage with associates: live web chat, email, call centers, social media, or in stores. Each channel offers unique challenges. Where previously customer connections were more disparate, today every channel touchpoint is just one more way to consistently experience our brand"

Wes Powell
Vice President of Customer Service at Talbots

Unleash Your Digital Workforce

Only Cisco and our partners bring it all together - industry-leading technologies, supported by one company to allow you to enable the workforce of the future to achieve your business vision.