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Without effective management, services and applications compete for attention. Transform your data centre and improve consistency, productivity, and speed.

 Cisco UCS® with Intel® Xeon® Processors

5 Ways Integrated Infrastructure Is at the Center of TomorrowÂ’s Fast IT

Deploy and scale applications faster

Integrated infrastructure helps organisations quickly deploy and scale applications. That means you can increase the pace of business operations while reducing risk and costs. Find out how an integrated infrastructure lets IT move with the organisation as it responds to changing demands.

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Kennisnet case study

More flexibility, shorter time to market

Find out how educational institution Kennisnet was able to expand its offerings to nearly two million students and teachers. Scalable and secure virtual data centre services also decreased the time to market, increased stability and uptime, and reduced space requirements and energy consumption.

Data Centers That Deliver e-book

Data centres that deliver

Organisations thrive when applications and information move faster. But most IT staff spend 70 percent of their time maintaining existing systems. That leaves just one day per week for new initiatives that create competitive advantage. Download our e-book and find out how to flip that ratio.


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