Can technology change how we learn?

Whether it’s a fifth grade class having a video conversation with a NASA scientist or college students collaborating through virtual labs, the power of digitization enables active learning.

When students, educators, and outside experts are actively engaged and interacting with one another, education gets a whole lot bigger than the classroom. And that’s when students make big connections to big concepts.

Digital Learning
Digital Campus

Digital learning opens a world of possibilities

Connecting the unconnected leads to some pretty amazing things. This is more than just having computers in classrooms. This is the power of digital in the hands of our greatest young minds.

With greater connectivity and more devices, teachers have acess to all the resources and tools of the information age. Teaching becomes more engaging, more informative and more effective through technology. Ease of use ensures everyone can participate.

Innovative digital learning experiences

Learn anywhere, anytime on any device. With our IT infrastructure and mobility solutions, students can gain access to educational resources over smartphones, tablets and other computing devices from any location.

Online learning available from anywhere

If students can't get to the expert, bring the expert to the students. Video conferencing with Cisco Telepresence means students can experience a great variety of “virtual excursions”. They’ll visit other countries, climates or witness scientific demonstrations too dangerous to attend in person.

Invite guest lecturers and schedule virtual field trips

Teachers gain opportunities for professional development beyond the classroom. Experience greater connections both within existing teams and by connecting with far away colleagues.

Collaborate and develop with colleagues

The power of connecting

The learning experience is no longer confined to the classroom. Through the use video conferencing technology, experts are engaging the minds of students like never before.

Students at Camberwell Girls School are witnessing experiments not possible in a classroom. They are speaking to archaeologists in Turkey. They are talking to agricultural experts in California. Technology is connecting students to the best possible education source.

Further possibilities are still great. Soon schools may join forces to access the best experts to teach across larger groups. Students can collaborate across schools. Teachers can collaborate and learn from each other too.

With the help of enthusiastic, tech-minded educators, classes everywhere can begin to leverage technology for greater inclusion, engagement, and collaboration.

The campus of tomorrow

A digital campus is built for the digital native. It enables greater learning and management of campus infrastructure.

Create a safer environment with video surveillance and facial recognition technology. Use data analytics to know where students and staff are dwelling. Protect critical data with threat centric solutions.

Safety and Security for people and data

Learn anywhere you want, on or off campus with greater connectivity. Enterprise grade wireless connects staff and students on site to educational resources. Administrators can also better manage facilities through geo-location tracking.

Connectivity on and off campus

Drive productivity with transformative and collaborative workspaces. Using collaboration tools like Jabber, Spark, telepresence and WebEx means students and staff can work effectively from anywhere and on any device.

Smart workspaces increase productivity

Increase operational efficiency and reduce costs. With our connected campus solutions, facility managers can monitor and optimise lighting, energy, parking, waste disposal and more.

Facilities management optimised by data

Where educators and students learn together

How do you empower a generation of students that are digital natives? Give them the tools to collaborate, and they’ll break down barriers and extend the classroom beyond its traditional four walls.

Deakin University has created a smart campus that allows students and facilities managers to better utilise the campus space. Apps that request help, systems that control windows and lighting; Deakin is continuing to push itself forward.

The collaboration between students and university is driving much of the innovation. Understanding the needs of end users produces better outcomes for their overall experience.

Combining the needs of the students and the needs of the facilities managers is what the Digital Campus is all about.

Connected education in action

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