Digital Dividend or Digital Divide?

Discover Australia’s digital readiness with our 2018 research with Gartner.

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Key Findings

Cisco’s Digital Readiness Index explores how ready each state and territory in Australia is to reap the benefits of future digitisation. The results will help inform the investment decisions of governments and policy makers to ensure every Australian benefits from the digital economy.

Global digital readiness is placed amongst three stages: Activate, Accelerate, and Amplify.

Australia’s digital readiness score places it in the highest-ranked ‘Amplify’ stage, alongside the USA, Canada and most Western and Northern European nations.

The ACT has the highest score in Australia, testament to its portfolio of high performing research institutions, active adoption of new technologies and strong start-up community.

States and territories with lower scores will fall behind in the digital world. They need to invest in upskilling the population and supporting early technology adoption.

Digital Readiness Ranking

See which states are leading the charge when it comes to digital readiness.



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