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Improve Data Center Operations with Workload Automation

Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler (TES) simplifies enterprise-wide job scheduling and automates the way business processes are defined and executed. This highly scalable workload automation solution manages diverse business processes across a broad set of applications, systems, and environments. It lowers the cost of data while improving efficiency and throughput.

Workload Automation

Learn about features and benefits of Cisco Workload Automation. (3:08 min)

Simplified Workload Scheduling

Learn about the many benefits of Cisco TES 6.2.

Optimizes Workload Management

Cisco TES provides a single point of control over enterprise business processes and the jobs that comprise them. This highly scalable workload automation solution offers:

  • Deep API integrations: enterprise resource planning (ERP), business intelligence (BI), big data, database, web services, FTP
  • A high degree of scalability: N-tier, flexible management, global workloads, cloud networks
  • Dependency and event-based processing: True workload automation and auto recovery
  • Superior resource management: Load balancing, hybrid cloud, VMware, Amazon Web Services, Cisco UCS Manager

Helps to Enable Data Center Evolution

To meet evolving needs, Cisco TES offers enterprise-wide and big data management, as well as hybrid cloud, mobile, and self-service capabilities. It provides these strategic features and benefits:

Big Applications and Big Data Coverage

The software delivers a superior level of efficiency for managing ERP, BI, and big data processes using deeply integrated API logic. It easily connects leading enterprise applications, data feeds, enterprise data warehouses, data integration, business intelligence, and big data workloads. The scheduler also plays an important role in the Cisco Unified Data Center Ecosystem for Big Data.

Self Service and Mobile Workload Management

Cisco TES offers customized access and functionality to support business end users more efficiently. Data center administrators can control scheduler environments with an iPad. These features increase staffing flexibility, offload non-mission critical functions without losing control of centralized management and security, and optimize SLA delivery and accuracy.

Hybrid Cloud Resource Management

The software integrates and manages Amazon EC2 and S3 environments, VMware instances, and Cisco UCS Manager profiles with existing physical and logical workload environments. You can define dependencies and events that can add additional workload processing and storage for business-processing environments when needed, and spin them down when necessary.

Helps You Improve IT Efficiency

Customers consistently cite the scheduler's broad coverage, ease-of-use, and dependency-based accuracy as attributes that improve IT efficiency. Used as the standard in data centers all over the world, this workload automation software:

  • Deploys quickly: Within hours it can be installed and you can be testing workloads
  • Gives you a rapid return on your investment in ERP, BI, and big data applications
  • Improves efficiency and staffing flexibility, so you can focus resources on high-value, strategic initiatives

Control Big Data Management Costs

Find out how to manage big data efficiently.

Evaluation Guide with Checklist

Learn the steps to assessing workload automation and scheduling solutions.

Accelerating Business Intelligence

See how the scheduler supports business growth for Electronic Arts.

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