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Case Studies

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Case Studies

A case study describes the implementation of Cisco solutions within an organization, in order to help our customers understand how real results occur through the impact of our solutions.

The case studies offer exposure for our partners and allow them to demonstrate their success through their partnership with Cisco.  A case study positions the customer and the partner as a center of excellence in IT, demonstrating best practices and innovation.

The cases are written documents of one or two pages describing the customer need, the solution implemented by Cisco and the partner, and the positive impact of the implementation.

These documents are available to the partner for their own use and they are also promoted by Cisco through different communication channels (Web, newsletters, social networks, etc.).

Cisco partners in Latin America can now submit their customer projects for Cisco to develop a case study.

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Nomination process  for case studies

  1. Checklist: Before nominating your case, be sure you can answer the following questions :
    1. - Has the possibility of developing a Case Study been discussed with the customer and have they agreed?
    2. - Has the solution been implemented for more than three months?
    3. - Has the solution created an impact that can be documented using indicators?

  2. Submission of nomination:  send an email to and include the following information :
    • - Name of the partner
    • - Customer name
    • - Internal Cisco contact and partner contact who has the relationship with the customer who will be the point of contact and approval.
    • - Customer sector (industry in which the beneficiary organization operates)
    • - Brief summary of the project implemented

  3. Initial Contact:  Once the application has been received and approved, we will schedule a WebEx session with the designated contact to explain the process and define the steps needed to start production.

  4. Confirmation of participation:  Once case development has been confirmed, it must be approved by the customer, the partner, and Cisco before production begins.

  5. Production of the case study:  The cases are developed by agencies external to Cisco that will liaise with the customer and partner to gather all the necessary information.

The cases include an interview with the customer and the partner.  Based on this information, the agency will develop a first draft to be sent to the parties for review. Once the document is approved, the process moves forward to final assembly and distribution of the document.

The whole production process may take 6 to 8 weeks.

Nominate case


*Cases nominated by partners are subject to approval by Cisco.

Learn how Latin American companies have successfully implemented Cisco solutions.