SASE in action

Watch this webinar where Cisco experts show a demo of the Cisco SASE architecture

Webinar details

  • Duration: 60min
  • Language: English

Webinar description

It is challenging for networking and security to adapt to constantly shifting threat vectors, to connect and protect users at the edge and to work together efficiently. Get back in the driver's seat with SASE.

SASE enables companies to operate during times of disruption and provides highly secure, high-performance access to any application, regardless of user location.

Watch this webinar and our networking and security experts will show you how with Cisco SASE you can:

  • Safely move access control closer to where it’s needed – to the user and to the cloud edge
  • Converge resources to a more efficient, as-a-service model for secure networking
  • Make your business more agile to adapt to a continuously changing world
  • Deliver a seamless secure connection experience that users expect to any application, from any device, at any time