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Networking Live Demo Webinars

Our monthly webinars with live demos of the latest enterprise networks solutions

Join our next live demo webinar on 16 September to see how how to program your network using the toolkit Cisco DevNet provides.

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Program your network to work for you

16 September 2020 | 9:30 am BST / 10:30 am CET

Leverage the extensive toolset DevNet provides. Program your network to integrate with the applications your business requires.

On-demand demos

Connect to multicloud with Cisco SD-WAN

See how Cisco SD-WAN extends your network seamlessly into the cloud while meeting SLAs for business critical applications and providing an optimal SaaS user experience.

Assure your network with Cisco DNA Assurance

See how Cisco DNA Assurance provides real-time and historical analytics for deep network visibility and simplified troubleshooting.

Trusted Workplace - Ensure a safe environment with your network

Leverage the intelligence of your network and Cisco DNA Spaces to provide a safe work environment for your employees and customers.

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