When data goes everywhere, can your data center go with it?

More data is being created outside of traditional data centers as users who want more control and access to on-demand resources are bypassing IT and turning to the cloud. At the center of this change is a new breed of apps that are modular and distributed across the enterprise, built continuously and rapidly, and increasingly ML-enabled and AI-powered. As a result, the modern data center must extend past the boundaries of on-premises hardware into a landscape of digital infrastructure that’s fast, complicated, and always expanding. This requires IT to take a new approach to data center infrastructure management. Cisco’s data center strategy brings together automation, multicloud, and security capabilities into a holistic architecture that shifts the data center from a location to an operating model. With Cisco, your data center is anywhere your business needs to be.

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Businesses need to understand the impact of transformation on people, processes, and the technology. Where possible, you need to base this on empirical evidence. Once you have visibility of the big picture, you can identify the gaps, and start to build the bridge to your multicloud world.

Adopting multicloud

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