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Future of Work Series

Shape, create and design modern employee and customer experience.
Join us for our Future of Work Series with Cisco and HCL Technologies.

Workforce of the Future Survey 2020

According to Cisco’s Workforce of the Future survey, employees want greater ownership and choice in the new world of work. The study captured their feelings about working from home this year, their expectations for their organizations in 2021, and what learnings and new working practices they wish to adopt for the future. Finally, it sets a path forward for business leaders looking beyond the new normal.

Future of Work videos on-demand

Watch our recordings about expert insights, trends and recommendations around the Future of Work anytime, everywhere.

Transform your company into a great place to work

What makes a great place to work, especially during these times, and how technology can make the return to work safe and productive?    

By Michael Bush

How to enable your teams for the future of work

Our business leaders across HR, Workplace Transformation, Technology, and Sales discuss the learnings from the recent shift to remote working through the pandemic and how our workplace experience will change.


Embracing disruption – Workplace technology, people and culture

How can you remain innovative and embrace the #FutureofWork ?​​ Listen to HCL Tech experts to discover more

Real teams: Embracing the future of work

Hear how businesses across different verticals are enabling their teams and customers to adapt and remain successful.

The remote work evolution

How will the events of 2020 change how we engage with customers, design our organisations & teams, and what it means to be an effective leader? 

By Mike Walsh

Future of Work: Government

Understand the lessons learnt by government agencies while adapting to remote work and how the future of work in government agencies will evolve.


The future of leadership

Jacob Morgan speaks about crucial skills and mindsets that individuals must possess if they want to be effective leaders in the future.

Workplace of the future

What makes a great place to work, especially during these times, and how technology can make the return to work safe and productive?    

By Keith Griffin

Workforce of the Future - Employee Ownership & Choice in a New World

Learn how organisations are preparing for an adaptive, flexible, and connected workforce of the future.


Industry analyst panel

The panel discusses the new normal, steps to keep business productive and positive and what the #FutureOfWork holds.

Are you ready for the Future of Work?

Explore how Cisco Webex can help you transform your workplace.