England & Wales

Cisco International Limited,
Registration Number: 06640658,
Registration Address: 1 Callaghan Square,
Cardiff, CF10 5BT,
United Kingdom,
Place of Registration: England and Wales

Cisco Systems Limited,
Registration Number: 2558939,
Registration Address: Eversheds House,
70 Great Bridgewater Street,
Manchester M1 5ES,
United Kingdom,
Place of Registration: England and Wales


Cisco Systems (Scotland) Limited;
Registration Number: SC 136888;
Registration Address: MD Secretaries Limited,
Prince Exchange,
1 Earl Grey Street,
Edinburgh EH3 9AQ,
Place of Registration: Scotland


Cisco Systems (Ireland) Limited;
Registration Number: 314989;
Registration Address: Block 6,
Eastpoint Business Park,
Dublin 3,
Place of Registration: Ireland

The list of entities above is provided solely for the purposes of compliance with the UK Companies (Registrar, Languages and Trading Disclosures) Regulations 2006 and Art 4 of the First Council "Company" Directive 68/151/EEC of 9 March 1968 as amended by Directive 2003/58/EC and does not itself imply any cross-liability between any of the entities listed above with regard to any business relationships or otherwise between those entities and users of this website. Should you have any questions about the details listed on this site, and wish to speak to a Cisco representative about these details, please do so using the "Contact Cisco" link on the website.