Switching to dark mode can help your OLED devices save energy.

Learn how Cisco hybrid work solutions can help your organisation address sustainability goals

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IT Sustainability

Vital to your business. Sustainable for the planet.

How to improve IT sustainability in your business

Optimising your IT can go a long way towards reaching your sustainability goals and creating long-term value. Our products can help you reduce energy use, cut costs, and improve your operational efficiency.

How you can reduce energy

With customers now expecting, rather than preferring, companies to move towards sustainable business practices, you’ll be putting your business at an advantage by improving its energy efficiency. 

Energy efficiency at your office

Our Power over Ethernet (PoE) approach helps identify and implement energy saving solutions in your business. Analysing your network and physical space, using automation and reviewing reports. For example, we can help create ‘power off’ schedules during quiet hours, saving up to 43,500 kWh of energy and £18,200 in energy costs per year.*

Energy efficiency in your servers

By monitoring your server use in real-time, as well as tracking long-term use, we can help identify ways to reduce energy consumption. From making hardware more efficient to reducing CPU usage, we can identify how to use your servers in the most energy-efficient ways.

Energy effiiency through your Webex devices

There are multiple ways you can configure your Webex devices to help save energy. For example, you can use the Webex Control Hub to automate switching off features like signage outside of your office hours, saving an estimated 13.6 MWh/year. You can also migrate older devices to newer, more efficient models, or optimise the HVAC system in your meeting rooms based on the number of people.

Bring the circular economy to your business

Moving your business from a linear model, where products are used and then thrown away, to a circular one that makes better use of our limited natural resources is a powerful way of showing you’re serious about your IT sustainability goals. Our programs could help you in this commitment.

Cisco Refresh Program

Our commitment to minimising environmental impact and helping customers do the same. We offer products that might otherwise go to waste, while ensuring they’re at the same quality as new equipment. They go through high levels of screening, testing, and repairing to make sure they’re compliant with manufacturer’s standards. Plus, they come with a valid software license and the same warranty as new equipment. 

Circular Payment Solution

A payment model that makes it easier to meet the costs of a sustainable IT strategy. We offer a 5% incentive on the sustainable equipment that you purchase from us, and the option to pay the rest back in a predictable payment schedule over a five-year period.

Cisco Product Takeback. Simple. Secure. Sustainable

Our product takeback and reuse program means you can return hardware that’s reached end-of-use at no cost. We reuse and recycle over 99% of what’s returned, so you can rest assured that we’ve disposed of your equipment in an environmentally responsible way.

How smart buildings lead to sustainable businesses 

From environmental sensors and usage insights that help improve efficiencies to programmable systems that save time and resource, a smart building can help your business become more sustainable.

Lower energy costs

Smart buildings collect data from devices, sensors, systems, and services, and analyse them using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Helping you identify cost savings and better manage your business energy consumption 

Improve responsiveness

Thanks to features such as asset tags, real-time wired and wireless location data, and monitoring sensors, the system can automatically respond to occupancy changes by adjusting temperature, shades, airflow, humidity, and lighting in real time. So your building runs as efficiently and safely as possible.

Reduce operational costs

Our secure, policy-based remote connectivity makes it easier to maintain operations even if you’re not in the building. With automation, displays, sensors, and alerts, smart buildings do the work for you – so you can concentrate on your business.

How we make an impact

Net zero by 2040

We have set a science-based target to reach net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across our value chain by 2040. This means we are committed to deep GHG reductions across our operations, supply chain, and product use.

Cisco's Purpose Report

Cisco is putting people, technology, and resources toward Powering an Inclusive Future for All, where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Visit our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Reporting Hub.

* Based on Aug 2022 Germany wholesale electricity prices on Statista.com

** Based on 5 hours active mode/work day. Measurements are done with a calibrated Hioki 3333 power meter in Cisco Testing Center.