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Comprehensive sales and marketing resources.

Industry Partner Resources

Industry Partner Guides

Name Description
Partner Guides provide sales and marketing resources for industries: Partner Practice Builder, industry guides, training resources, sample marketing plan, marketing campaigns, industry presentations and collateral, incentives and promotions, services resources, design guides, and more.

Partner Practice Builder

Name Description
Best practices and templates to assist you in developing an effective industry practice. (To access, click on the "Get Started" tab.)

Services Resources

Name Description
Services for Partners Use this site to build and grow your services practice, learn about the services you can sell and deliver to your customers, and find the tools and other resources to develop new capabilities and expertise to meet your customers' demands.
Cisco Services Accelerate Program Training and incentive program for eligible Cisco channel partners, designed to help you and your teams sell Cisco Services more effectively and grow your business.

Incentives and Promotions

Name Description
Current Partner Incentives and Product Promotions Incentives give financial rewards to you and your company. Promotions on products and services help you and your customer's bottom line.
Solution Incentive Program (SIP) The Cisco Solution Incentive Program (SIP) rewards partners that develop and sell solutions that integrate proprietary or third-party business applications and services with Cisco technology. SIP provides the richest rewards of all the incentive programs and can help significantly increase your margins.

Additional Resources

Name Description
Cisco Capital Finance Information about the latest offers from Cisco Capital financing available to your customers.
Design Zone Cisco validated designs, to facilitate and improve customer deployments.
My Cisco Workspace My Cisco provides customized displays of information using modules that access content from across You can choose the modules you want to view and how you want to view them.
Plan your training and track your progress.
Partner Locator Locate a partner with specific industry expertise.

Best Practices

Market Analytics

Name Description
  • Market Analytics Overview (DOC - 283 KB) and Worksheet
Provides partners with detailed instructions on how to formally evaluate, prioritize, and select industry solutions market strategies.

Leading Practices

Name Description
  • Building Effective and Sustainable Partnerships
Guidelines for Cisco partners on how to build effective, sustainable partnerships to improve market penetration, revenue growth, and profitability.
Following the leading practices described in this document will help your organization establish an effective approach to building partnerships that can improve your business.
An industry solutions approach involves focusing on a specific vertical market with targeted solutions that meet the unique business challenges of that industry.


Name Description
Jim Hays, CEO, The ASPIRE! Group, provides valuable insights into achieving success by innovating your go-to-market strategy.
A two-hour training course covering value-based selling, industry solutions, and customer case studies.

Joint Business Planning Resources

Name Description
  • Joint Business Planning Introduction
A general introduction to joint business planning, which can be used with your partner to gain engagement and commitment.
An overview of joint business planning, and how to get started.
To be completed by Cisco and the partner before the preparation call.
  • Joint Business Planning Market Data and Drivers
Both Cisco and the partner are asked to prepare brief presentations on the target market. (This template is a guide to the required content.)
If the target is an account, rather than a market, then both Cisco and the partner are asked to prepare brief presentations on the target account. (This template is a guide to the required content.) You need to prepare either a market or account driver presentation, but not both.
Both Cisco and the partner are asked to prepare brief presentations on their current value proposition to address the market or account drivers. (This template is a guide to the required content.)
To be completed jointly after the workshop to provide an executive summary for both the partner and Cisco senior management on the joint business plan.

Vertical Impact

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