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Please use the following resources and case studies to help develop your perfect sales pitch for Cisco Collaboration:

Watch Pankaj Narayan, APJC Partner Operations and Peter Bocquet, Collaboration Sales introduce this year's Collaboration Perfect Pitch competition.

Create Video Collaboration relevance for your customers with their business processes and functions. Read the Cisco Sell Video Guide here.

*New* Virtual Training Session, Oct 2nd 2014, recording now available here.

Introduction Video:






More case studies available here and here.

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18th Jun 2014
External Launch Webinar
9th Jul 2014
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1st Sep 2014
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1st Oct 2014
Round two Asia partner/disti
15th Oct 2014
Round three theater Final
20th Oct 2014
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17th -20th Nov 2014
Cisco Collaboration Summit 2014

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How to sell us the Perfect Pitch

Show us what you're made of - but keep in mind that we're looking for excellence in the following areas:

  • Why Cisco (40%)
  • Why now (40%)
  • Creative (20%)