Unified Network Services

Many of your customers have a large investment in applications that are struggling to keep up with the demands of today's business models. IT budgets and resources are challenged by trends such as: growing complexity of infrastructure and a needs for scalability, availability, and security of legacy applications without disrupting operations. Cisco Unified Network Services is a comprehensive portfolio of application service products and technologies that can help your customers deliver end-to-end business processes throughout their infrastructure and allow for more efficient use of data center resources.

Evolutionary Fabric, Revolutionary Scale: Switch Your Data Center into High Gear with New Virtualization and Cloud-Ready Innovations

Cisco Unified Network Services (UNS) is composed of two powerful technologies that ensure the efficient and secure delivery of applications:

WAN Optimization
Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) allows firms to deploy far-reaching WAN connections that have the performance characteristics of LAN links.

Load Balancing
Cisco Application Control Engine (ACE) maximizes the availability, performance and security of data center applications including Web Services.

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