Connected Women Leadership Forum 2010

Connected Women Leadership Forum 2010

Bangalore, 04th May, 2010

Connected Women Leadership Forum

Connected Women Leadership Forum

Cisco, a global leader in the networking industry invites you to the 3rd Annual Connected Women Leadership Forum (CWLF) 2010, on May 4, 2010 hosted at the Cisco Campus in Bengaluru. The event, hosted by Cisco Connected Women India, is a forum to bring women leaders and professionals from across the industry for a day of learning and networking.

The focus of CWLF 2010 is on 'Empowering Women in Technology' by finding ways of identifying, developing and empowering women talent in the Technology industry. The theme this year, builds upon the various learning from previous years on leadership and innovation, which are important elements of differentiating ourselves and the organisation.

This year, you can look forward to:

  • Connecting with your peers and women leaders in the industry.
  • Learning from leaders how to identify and build your own potential, create opportunities for yourself and your organisation.
  • Getting practical suggestions to building and leveraging skills for the next decade

And as we always say

   "On the human network, anything is possible because we are more powerful together than we ever could be apart."

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