Community Investments

Globally, Cisco has a strong focus on giving back to the communities where we work. In India, this finds a resonance beyond the Cisco culture and our belief in responsible business practices. Traditionally, Indian culture has always nurtured community development on the premise that it makes for sustainability.

Cisco echoes this belief and through its CSR program, does its bit towards connecting the Human Network through Civic Councils, Community Investment Programs and Social Impact projects.

Cisco Networking Academy Program

The Academy Program partners with non-government and community organisations to create positive social impact through education.

United Nations Volunteer partnership (UNV)

Cisco Networking Academy Program has been partnering with the United Nations Volunteer programme (UNV) where volunteers are working to help developing countries build their capacity on the opportunities of IT education for human development. In India, UNV have been deployed to help broaden the reach of the Networking Academy program by fostering public-private partnerships among academic communities, education institutions, local Non-Government Organisations and private firms. In addition, the UNVs also work with disadvantaged groups, such as female students with restricted access to IT education, to help facilitate information exchange on best practices and community participation.

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