Cisco 2020 APAC SMB Digital Maturity Study

Unlocking the Value of Digital Transformation

COVID-19 has accelerated the digitalization of businesses. Cisco’s 2020 Asia Pacific SMB Digital Maturity Study shows that nearly 70 percent of SMBs in Asia Pacific are accelerating the digitalization of their businesses as a result of COVID-19. As SMBs become more digitally mature, they could add as much as US$3.1 Trillion to Asia Pacific’s GDP by 2024, accelerating economic recovery. Find out where SMBs are in the digital maturity stages across Asia Pacific and what set Digital leaders apart.

Digital Maturity of SMBs

Overall, all Asia Pacific markets are becoming more digitally mature, with notable progress made by Indonesia and Vietnam. Singapore, Japan and New Zealand continue to lead the Digital Observers group, with no changes in their ranking compared to 2019. However, mainland China, Taiwan and Thailand surpassed Korea, Hong Kong and Malaysia, respectively

Key Highlights

69% of SMBs are accelerating the digitalization of their business as a result of COVID-19.

A shift of 50% of SMBs to the Digital Challenger stage (stage3) could add $2.6 - $3.1 trillion to Asia Pacific’s GDP by 2024.

Top 3 technology investment priorities for SMBs are Cloud, Security and upgrading of IT infrastructure

SMBs will enjoy an average of 50% increase in revenue and productivity when they advance to the Digital Challenger stage (stage3)

2020 Asia Pacific Digital Maturity Index

This is the overall digital maturity of our SMBs, divided into the four stages.


Stage 1:

Digital Indifferent


Stage 2:

Digital Observer


Stage 3:

Digital Challenger


Stage 4:

Digital native


How to Become a Digital Challenger: Seven Steps to Success

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