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Updated:28 June, 2022

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Updated:28 June, 2022


Importance of delivering exceptional digital experiences today

Today, businesses are going through the rapid digital transformation and modernization of the application stack. The lifeline of your business depends on the experiences that happen on your applications. This is how your services are delivered and consumed. It is how companies build relationships between their brand and create value for their customers. Therefore, the application experience is more important than ever.

However, it is also more complicated than ever. Because modern applications are built on top of microservices running on cloud-native and hybrid-cloud architectures that are based on massively decentralized services, creating a complex and rapidly evolving environment. A small issue in one service can have a cumulative effect on the overall experience. The information and experience needed to operate these environments is scattered and siloed across different tools and teams, reducing the ability to identify, prioritize, and effectively address issues that directly impact the customer’s experience and potentially the brand’s reputation.

Businesses report that the need to maintain the performance of their business applications is more important now than ever before.1


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Challenges faced by operations teams today

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2 Cisco AppDynamics Agents of Transformation Report 2021 – published 23 Feb 2021

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4 Cisco AppDynamics Agents of Transformation Report 2021 – published 23 Feb 2021

What is full-stack observability?

Cisco® Full-Stack Observability moves beyond domain-specific monitoring into full-stack visibility, insights, and action, tied to business context, by breaking down silos and correlating telemetry across multiple domains, so organizations can effectively deliver always-on, secure, and exceptional digital experiences for customers and employees alike.

Full-stack visibility:

Build a shared common context to align IT teams supporting full technology stack.

      Full-stack visibility enables teams by gathering, unifying and correlating data across multiple domains.

Full-stack insight:

Align teams by transforming siloed data into actionable business insights.

      Full-stack insight provides teams correlated insights across multiple domains and multiple teams to quickly identify and prioritize issues with the greatest impact on the business

Full-stack action:

Act with confidence on what matters most to the business and experience.

      Full-stack action recommends prioritized remediations and can automatically execute them to address issues impacting performance

Cisco Full-stack observability

Figure 1.            

Cisco Full-stack observability


Cisco Full-Stack Observability is tied to the business context, and it helps to:

      Increase business impact – Correlated insights that connect IT alerts with business performance and KPIs, to deliver maximum business impact through increased revenues, lowered costs, greater uptime, and rapid innovation

      Elevate business experience – Reduce MTTR to improve application uptime and performance, leading to improved customer satisfaction and retention

      Optimize business operations – Bring IT and operations teams together to create MTTI, instead of spinning up another “war room,” to identify and mitigate issues before they impact the application experience; includes resource provisioning and High Availability (HA)

      Reduce business risk – Improve security and compliance across the entire application stack, including code, delivery pipelines, and application runtimes and dependencies

Delivering full-stack observability today

We deliver full-stack observability today by enabling the following use cases across three pillars:


    Application security – Actively identify and block against vulnerabilities found in application runtimes in production


    Hybrid application monitoring – Monitor performance of traditional and hybrid applications, correlate performance, and application experience to business results, and proactively remediate issues

    Modern cloud-native application monitoring – Monitor performance of cloud-native applications, often microservices-based, leveraging distributed, cloud technologies hosted in public or private clouds

    Customer digital experience monitoring – Actionable, end-to-end insight into application experiences, their underlying dependencies, and business impacts

    Application dependency monitoring – Ensure the performance of managed and unmanaged (third-party) application services and APIs, including internet and cloud-network performance of those services


    Hybrid cost optimization – Lower costs by only paying for what you need in public clouds and by safely increasing utilization of on-premises assets

    Application resource optimization – Improve and ensure application performance by taking the guesswork out of resource allocations for workloads on-premises and in the public cloud

“While most organizations are powerless to respond to third-party connectivity issues, AppDynamics® and ThousandEyes® gives us unprecedented visibility into every app and service. Together, they provide a roadmap for resolving performance and connectivity issues inside and outside of our network quickly, thoroughly, and proactively to keep our whole environment running at peak performance.”

Hari Vittal,

Senior Engineer, FICO

Start solving more, today

You can’t fix what you can’t see, and the more you see, the more you solve. Our Full-Stack Observability solution deliver the top-to-bottom application and infrastructure visibility, insights, and actions that you need, when they matter the most, so you can ensure the best end-user experiences with greater speed, agility, and scale.

For additional information, visit https://www.cisco.com/c/en_in/solutions/full-stack-observability.html.




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