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Cisco Stealthwatch Learning Network License

NOTE: This product is no longer being sold.

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Visibility and security for the branch network

Embed security into your network infrastructure and turn your router into a security device. The Cisco Stealthwatch Learning Network License gives you deeper visibility across your branch network and between branches, and delivers improved protection and faster response. Use it to extend security to the branch without impacting network performance.

Branch Visibility and Security

Machine learning technology enables faster threat detection and mitigation. (2:09 min)

Integrated Router Security

Learn how the Stealthwatch Learning Network License came together. (3:52 min)

Features and capabilities

Cisco Stealthwatch provides visibility and security intelligence across the extended enterprise – to the data center, the cloud and now to the branch with Cisco Stealthwatch Learning Network License.

Enhance protection against branch network threats. The Stealthwatch Learning Network License strengthens your existing network investments by embedding security into your routers. It then uses packet capture, machine learning, and device-level mitigation to improve branch office visibility, protection, and incident response.

Improved protection against branch threats

This license leverages a Cisco Integrated Services Router as a security sensor to monitor branch traffic through NetFlow, Network-Based Application Recognition (NBAR), intelligent sensors, and packet capture. It baselines traffic patterns to detect anomalies and help build effective branch security policies. It mitigates threats directly from the router by automatically dropping suspicious packets.

Deeper visibility across the branch network

The Stealthwatch Learning Network License monitors branch traffic, applications, users, and devices to provide granular insight into branch network activity, including lateral movement between branches. It then flags and reports on anomalous traffic that could pose a threat to the branch and the larger network.

Administrators can monitor and easily adjust policies for all branches from one, centralized management console. This level of visibility and control is critical for securing today’s complex enterprise.

Faster threat detection and response

Facilitating packet capture and processing at the branch, this solution provides faster threat detection for branch offices. Machine learning and device-level mitigation accelerate remediation by allowing you to quickly make decisions and take action. The balance of automated and manual control allows you to fine-tune branch security for increased protection.

Scalable for large enterprises

This license allows for traffic monitoring at the network device level. This greatly reduces the impact to bandwidth at the branch, and promotes cost-effective, scalable deployment across thousands of devices. The Stealthwatch Learning Network License extends Cisco’s network as a sensor and enforcer to the branch.

Specifications at a glance

  • Embeds intelligent sensors directly onto Cisco 4000 Series Integrated Services Routers
  • Uses packet capture, NetFlow, and NBAR to analyze traffic
  • Reduces traffic backflow to the headquarters console
  • Lowers processing time needed for spotting anomalies at the branch
  • Deploy one agent per ISR and up to 1000 agents communicate with a single manager
  • Extends the Cisco network as a sensor and enforcer initiative to the branch
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