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Cisco NX-OS

Open, extensible operating system for data center

Open Cisco NX-OS Software is the industry’s most extensible, open, and programmable network operating system. It enables network automation and allows customers to programmatically provision and configure switches through comprehensive APIs, utilizing tools provided by Cisco and open-source third party solutions. Powerful capabilities include zero touch provisioning and network telemetry for top notch security.


Open and programmable

Our open and modular approach provides full access to the platform, improved security, network automation, and high availability. NX-OS supports built-in DevOps automation tools like Puppet, Chef, and Ansible, and native and industry standard YANG models.

Visibility and analytics

Analyze network use by application, host, and VM to identify bottlenecks that affect performance and availability. Streaming telemetry pushes data in real-time at line-rate providing deep visibility for enhanced troubleshooting.

Network security

Protect your network against degradation, failure, data loss or compromise resulting from attacks and mistakes. NX-OS comprehensive features include: secured access with 802.1x, MACSEC Encryption, Visibility with Netflow, Common Criteria certification, key management, and control plane policing.

Intelligent services

NX-OS embeds intelligent services directly into the network fabric to create a platform that delivers services throughout the data center uniformly. Increase availability of all services, whether physical applications, virtual workloads, or other infrastructure elements and automatically scale.

News and events

Empower DevOps to innovate

Access development, scripts, tools, and other resources in Cisco's new NX-OS community.

Data center insights

Get best practices and latest news on Cisco NX-OS Software from Cisco experts, and ask questions.

Cisco ONE Software

Software buying, tracking, and maintenance made easy, so you can focus on your business.

NX-OS demos

Manage your data center switches through comprehensive APIs with Cisco NX-OS.



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