Urban Land Institute and Cisco

A Smart, Connected Community

Ave Maria Foundation designed a new university with integrated building systems and extended the network to town. (4:11 min)

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A Smart, Connected Community

Ave Maria Foundation designed a new university with integrated building systems and extended the network to town. (4:11 min)

Reduce Energy Usage 30 Percent

Learn how your agency can comply with Executive Order 13423.

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Frost & Sullivan reports on the convergence of green and intelligent buildings. (PDF 4.07 MB)

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Welcome Urban Land Institute members. This resource will help you learn about Cisco and its Smart+Connected Real Estate solutions that can help change the way buildings are designed, built, and managed through sustainable business models. Read on to learn more about how to:

  • Reduce operating costs, enhance tenant services, or create new revenue streams
  • Make educational institution or government agency buildings greener

Industry peers will describe how Cisco helped them meet their goals with a sustainable, technology-based approach.

Cisco Smart+Connected Real Estate solutions help:

  • Streamline management of a building's resources for increased operating efficiency
  • Make buildings respond to their users' needs and adjust quickly to changing internal and external requirements
  • Make new and existing buildings:
  •             > More energy efficient
  •             > More supportive of workplace productivity
  •             > More economical to operate
  •             > Easier to manage with centralized functions
  •             > Environmentally sustainable
  •             > More profitable

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Giddings Independent School District delivers a 21st-century learning environment.

Intelligent Buildings by Design

Imagine an educational institution that embraces 21st-century learning techniques as well as sustainable building management practices. Such a building would teach through demonstration that green is achievable.

Welcome to Cisco Smart+Connected Real Estate solutions for schools and higher education institutions, where vision bridges reality. Where you can:

  • Conduct business meetings or sensitive negotiations
  • Centrally control all building services
  • Dramatically improve efficiency in operating and maintaining your facilities
  • Increase safety and security
  • Improve energy management

Learn more about:

  • Celebrate family events such as weddings, birthdays, or graduations
  • Train volunteers for charities or community organizations
  • Conduct planning sessions for meetings or conferences

Everyone benefits:

"By designing and building an IP infrastructure throughout every building and structure on our university and the nearby town, we have created a new paradigm for the design and integration of building systems. It provides us the opportunity to dramatically lower costs, improve services, and drive productivity increases on almost every level."
Bryan Mehaffey, VP of Systems and Engineering, Ave Maria Foundation

Improve Efficiency and Reduce Consumption

Energy management is becoming a key concern for all building owners and facility managers. At Cisco, we believe this concern can be addressed by introducing a technology-based solution that will help you identify your energy eaters and take the necessary steps to reduce or minimize them with sustainable business practices.

You can access, analyze, and act on energy usage information with the Cisco Energy Management solution. It integrates innovative energy management technology and demand response systems to decrease energy use and comply with new regulations. The solution helps you:

  • Meet mandated energy-efficiency goals
  • Identify measures to improve efficiency
  • Minimize waste
  • Sustainably reduce energy consumption

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Learn more about environmental sustainability in the public sector. (PDF 362 KB)

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Smart Network Solution for a Greener Government

Like private sector businesses, government agencies are struggling to manage rising energy costs. Coupled with environmental concerns and new government mandates, these rising costs have increased focus on sustainable and "green" IT operations. National, state, and local government agencies are looking for solutions to help:

  • Measure power consumption
  • Control energy output
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase operational efficiency

An intelligent information network using the IP open standard can provide a single, multiservice infrastructure to support these initiatives. It will help environmental and building controls regulate, monitor, and optimize energy usage so that agencies and communities can save on operating costs and gain the benefits of a greener, more sustainable facility.

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