Protecting the Nation

Protecting the Nation

Better Communications, More Secure Borders

Today's defence agencies need to connect people with the information they need--whether they're on the ground, in the air, or on the seas. Securely delivering real-time, accurate, and actionable information to any location is essential for a range of efforts including humanitarian and peacekeeping initiatives, tactical operations, and saving lives.

Cisco solutions converge voice, video, data, and mobility to support and coordinate communications, improve agility, and enable a virtual presence. We provide the strategies, tools, and technology you need to ensure safe, secure, and reliable communications to speed decision making and protect the nation.

A Unified Network for All Missions

A Unified Network for All Missions

See how superior communications helps provide superior defence.
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Unified Communications Shared Services
Improve communications and collaboration and speed decision making using a single, powerful, and secure network.

Continuity of Operations
Maintain optimal performance and operational continuity regardless of unexpected events that may sever communications.

Infrastructure Sharing
Communicate and collaborate while protecting sensitive internal material with this commercial off-the-shelf solution.

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