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Cisco Solutions for Efficiency help colleges and universities do more with less, streamline day-to-day management, and support maintenance of the communications infrastructure.

Campus Communications

Santa Clara University enhances communication and campus security with Cisco Digital Signage.

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Cisco Digital Signage at Santa Clara University

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  • Unified Communications
    Make your university's network more agile and staff more productive by closely integrating communications with business processes.
  • Mobility
    Create a comprehensive mobile network that supports the unique needs of today's wired students.
  • Digital Media System
    Improve communications and facilitate learning with this full suite of digital signage and desktop video applications.
  • Notifi-ED
    This mass notification solution combines technologies from leading notification partners SchoolMessenger and Singlewire Software.
  • Cisco Connected Real Estate
    Reduce costs and increase productivity by delivering building services over a single, centrally-managed campus data network that includes energy management.
  • Physical Security
    Protect students, faculty, and assets, using video surveillance, access control, and incident response.

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