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Cloud Computing: An Introduction

Improving the Value of IT

Cloud computing has the potential to improve the value of IT. Why is cloud computing so important to business leaders like you? Read this article to gain an understanding of the benefits, challenges, and actions needed to capitalize on this transformative trend for:

  • Organizational flexibility
  • Reduced cost of infrastructure
  • Agility and rapid deployment
  • Refocus of IT resources
  • Creation of new business models

Cloud Technology on a Network

The CIO of the City of Drancy, France discusses four steps to cloud computing.

Connected World Technology Report

Read why IT managers predict widespread cloud adoption and server virtualization.

Economics of Cloud Computing

The shift to cloud computing: Forget the technology. It's about economics.

Implementing Cloud Computing

Reduce Time and Costs with a Cloud

Learn how data center and virtualization technology can help you reduce time and expenses involved to support growing demands on the network and operational support teams.

Collaborate at Every Level

Break down barriers and improve access to people and information, at the right place and at the right time.

Accelerate Cloud Performance

Optimize your WAN for cloud services with adaptive caching and management consoles.

Expert Insight

Pieter Schoehuijs

Chief Information Officer, AkzoNobel N.V., Netherlands

“Using cloud services, I can deploy people and money to add the most value.”

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Benefit from leadership and expertise at Cisco.

Padmasree Warrior

Chief Technology Officer, Cisco

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