Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Train and deploy your AI/ML workloads faster with GPU-accelerated computing systems

Cisco AI/ML computing solutions deliver...

Valuable insights

Gain faster insights that deliver business value with our GPU-accelerated systems.

Proven solutions

Demystify AI/ML in the data center through proven solutions developed with industry leaders.

Increased productivity

The Cisco UCS C480 ML server provides the accelerated compute performance and capacity needed to train complex deep-learning models.

My AI/ML solution needs to...

Reduce time to insights

Deploy TensorFlow frameworks with Kubernetes on Cisco UCS or HyperFlex using Kubeflow.

Help me get started quickly

Learn how you can jump-start your AI initiative with a deep-learning platform from ePlus built on Cisco HyperFlex.

Make my data scientists happy

Leverage Cisco DevNet resources for AI and machine learning.

The new AI/ML era

What do you need to successfully deploy AI and machine learning in your organization?

News and events

TheCube interview on AI/ML

Listen to this interview from Strata Data New York to learn about Cisco’s architectural approach to AI/ML.

Cisco computing solutions for AI/ML

See how you can capitalize on the adaptability of Cisco ML solutions to power AI workloads at scale.

Introducing the Cisco AI/ML solution

The AI mandate: to boldly go where no data center has gone before.

Anaconda Enterprise and Cisco UCS

Accelerate your AI/ML productivity with Anaconda Enterprise and Cisco UCS.

Cisco and NVIDIA: a great partnership

Cisco and NVIDIA collaborate to make implementing artificial intelligence easier for enterprise IT.

Speed UCS analytics and automation with Services

Accelerate business agility and infrastructure efficiency with IT expertise, technical services, and ML training. We offer a lifecycle of UCS services directly and through certified partners to deliver faster data center transformation.



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